TopNotch Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC Announces its Launch

Susan Bailey MSN RN-BC CLNC is proud to announce the formal launch of her new Legal Nurse Consulting business based in Silver Spring, MD.

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Why settle for good, when you can get TopNotch?

Life is too short to never go for a dream and give it your all. It may sound like a cliché, but it's true for me.

Silver Spring, MD (PRWEB) May 06, 2013

Susan Bailey MSN RN-BC CLNC, is proud to announce the official launch of her company, TopNotch Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC. She recently became certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC) through the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and the Vickie Milazzo Institute. She studied the Vickie Milazzo course originally 16 years ago and put into her practice what she learned and helped mentor new nurses along the way armed with this knowledge. Although she is a new CLNC, she has over 20 years of nursing experience in a variety of adult healthcare settings.

"Gaining certification as a CLNC was something I wanted to do for a very long time. But I wasn't ready to make the transition as I thought I would miss the traditional settings we work in too much and the financial certainty that goes with it. However, after the sudden death of my Dad, I decided there was no time like the present. Life is too short to never go for a dream and give it your all. It may sound like a cliché, but it's true for me."

TopNotch Legal Consulting, LLC offers many services to attorneys to help screen cases for merit, and develop their cases towards successful outcomes. Consulting a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant such as Susan who can focus on the nursing and medical issues of the case will allow attorneys to free up more time to work on the legal issues, or spend time with the family. Using a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is like having a secret weapon in your toolbox. They are cost-effective, knowledgeable, and know their way around the healthcare system. Why wouldn't you want to consult one?


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