IRS Debt Experts at CTR Announce New 4-Step Tax Investigation Program

CTR’s IRS debt experts have announced the creation of a new 4-step tax investigation program to help taxpayers determine the best resolution method for them.

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Here at CTR, we are specialists in back tax relief. With our new program, you’ll see a new level of service that gets you the resolution you need in a fast and effective manner.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) May 11, 2013

For years, the tax debt specialists at CTR have been helping clients solve their back tax problems with personalized solutions. After a recent series of meetings between managers, executives and tax attorneys, the company decided to implement a new 4-step tax investigation service. Each step was carefully designed to produce the best results so that each individual’s resolution will have the best chance of being successful.

The main goal of CTR’s new investigation protocol is to prepare a strong case for choosing one of the IRS’ tax debt relief plans. The company bases that decision on the details of an individual’s case. Some of those criteria include the amount of the balance, income, expenses and whether the federal government has begun any levy actions to collect on unpaid taxes.

As with any other service provided by CTR’s tax relief lawyers, its success depends on a partnership being formed between the individual and the tax professional. To support this concept, an assigned tax debt specialist will request all personal tax and financial files that a client has kept for any years in question. The company determined the necessity of this step based on feedback from its staff on the efficiency of tracking down a taxpayer’s records. Then one of CTR’s tax attorneys will obtain the information kept by the IRS on their client to get a complete financial picture.

Once all of the information has been gathered under the new protocol, CTR’s tax debt experts will begin analyzing the data to determine the best IRS tax relief program choice. These IRS lawyers look at a client’s ability to repay their full balance. If a standard balance repayment is not possible, then the professionals can suggest applying for a Currently-Non-Collectible status, an Offer-In-Compromise or an Installment Agreement. With this new program in place, the tax team will issue questionnaires to taxpayers to help select the most fitting tax debt relief option.

“Here at CTR, we are specialists in back tax relief. With our new program, you’ll see a new level of service that gets you the resolution you need in a fast and effective manner. If you take a few minutes to call one of our tax debt experts and schedule a free consultation, you’ll see how our new investigation process takes into account all of the specifics that make up your situation and lead to a settlement plan that fits your life,” stated a CTR representative.

CTR offers tax debt resolution and tax services for individuals and businesses across the United States. The company uses a three step program to create personalized strategies to help taxpayers settle their IRS debt. The company offers many services, including: state and federal tax debt resolution, IRS audit defense, tax preparation and bookkeeping.


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