“Inheritance – How to Talk to Your Parents about Estate Planning,” Video Released by LegaLees’ Attorney Lee R. Phillips

“Inheritance – How to Talk to Your Parents about Estate Planning,” is the title of a newly released video by Attorney Lee Phillips. In the video Mr. Phillips reviews why it is difficult to approach parents about estate planning and steps to make it easier.

Provo, UT (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

LegaLees announces a new video by Attorney Lee Phillips entitled, “Inheritance – How to Talk to Your Parents about Estate Planning,” Inheritance and estate planning are both things that must be dealt with before it is needed if folks want to get the most from their parents. The fact is that the baby boomers are aging and it is predicted that with their passing will come the largest transfer of wealth in United States history. If proper estate planning documents are not in place, folks will miss their share of that transfer of wealth. People may wonder how this could happen but rest assured that it will.

Mr. Phillips teaches, “Good estate planning is worth the effort, not just in the inheritance, money and time savings, but in the peace of mind it will give a family. The fact is that taxes and probate can take a big piece of an inheritance if it is passed without estate planning in place. These unnecessary expenses can be avoided by getting an estate plan in place. However, often it is difficult to discuss estate planning with the parents. Parents may feel threatened, that their kids are just waiting for them to die.”

Attorney Phillips notes, “If a child doesn’t want to approach this discussion, they could give the parents a copy of the book Protecting Your Financial Future. They could challenge their parents to read the first two chapters. It has been my experience that the parents not only finish the book, they get their estate planning in place. The book contains everything folks need to know to put an effective estate plan in place. “

Mr. Phillips serves as a counselor to the Supreme Court of the United States. He is the author of 11 books, including his latest book Protecting Your Financial Future. He has written hundreds of articles for professional people to assist them in finding various strategies to use the law to protect their property, save taxes and make more money. He has given addresses at thousands of business seminars. He enjoys helping people apply the law, not only to provide asset protection and estate planning, but to use it to structure businesses and save taxes, helping individuals achieve success.

LegaLees was founded in 1982 by Lee R. Phillips. It is a legal self-help publishing company. It produces products designed to help people understand the law. Based on his own personal experiences, Mr. Phillips realized that people needed to be able to understand how the law works so they can direct their own legal professionals. He also saw that people who want to do their own legal work need to be shown how, not just handed a fill-in-the blank form. LegaLees has designed many products to help individuals structure their personal and business affairs. All of the products help the clients protect assets and prevent legal disasters that can strike at any time.


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