Spirituality and Baseball Work Well Together, According to Anne Germain

Anne Germain, who is a spiritual medium and reiki master, comments on the presence of spiritual leaders within professional sports.

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New York, NY (PRWEB) May 27, 2013

Anne Germain is a reiki master and spiritual medium who helps individuals from around the world get in touch with their spiritual sides. Anne believes that spirituality is important in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to managing a career. She is issuing comment on a new article that highlights how the Detroit Tigers cater to players’ and staff members’ spiritual sides.

Jeff Tottem, who is a Christian pastor, currently serves as the designated chaplain for the Detroit Tigers. He is one of 30 spiritual leaders who work in Major League Baseball. These individuals are tasked with meeting the religious and spiritual needs of the players, the employees at the ballparks, the media, and the umpires. Currently, Tottem also manages the chapels for Detroit’s minor league teams, which are located in Toledo, Ohio, Erie, Pennsylvania, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Totem has worked with the team since 1991, and is a part of the Baseball Chapel, which is an organization that oversees the 500 volunteer chapel leaders who work in both Major and Minor League Baseball. At Comerica Park in Detroit, there are four sermons held each Sunday. Tottem hosts one for safety workers, one is for the visiting team, one is for the Tigers, and one is specifically for the park’s umpires.

Anne Germain comments on this stating, “Spirituality is an important part of living a fulfilled life. Whether this comes in the form of meditation, praying at a church or temple, reading religious texts, or simply doing good works, this aspect is important. It becomes especially beneficial for those who are constantly pushing their bodies and minds, like professional athletes must do. It’s impressive that baseball teams provide this service for their players. Spirituality can help to manage the stress that comes with being a professional athlete who must always perform at the highest level.”

In the old Tiger Stadium, Tottem would conduct his services for the players in their weight room. The visiting team could attend a talk in the community showers, and would sit on towels or stand as they listened to Tottem’s words.

The sermons have become more sophisticated presently, as there is a specific space in the new stadium where services are held.

Many current Tigers players regularly attend Tottem’s services. In order to go along with the baseball theme, Tottem creates religious-style baseball cards. The cards feature pictures of current and former players on the front; the back offers a short story explaining how this individual became a spiritual person.

Anne Germain comments, “While people may have differing religious beliefs, spirituality and inner peace appeal to everyone, and it’s important that people in varying careers are able to find this comfort.”


Anne Germain is a reiki master and spiritual medium who has given both public demonstrations and private readings since 1985. Before she made this job into a full-time career, she spent two decades working as a human resources professional. Today, Anne travels all over the world performing readings and demonstrations. She has also hosted two successful television shows.


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