Royce Williams Agency Announces Special Summertime Insurance Discounts

Nashville insurance provider, Royce Williams Agency, has recently released a package of auto insurance discounts for safe drivers. During the summer months, as road traffic increases, they are looking to lower customer’s premiums while decreasing the number of accidents.

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Royce Williams Agency Team

Safety is a big priority for us and if we can encourage customers to be safer drivers by giving them a bit of incentive then we are going to do that.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

Just in time for summer, Royce Williams Agency is now offering a number of discounts on their already affordable auto insurance plans. As the summer months approach more vehicles are on the road increasing the chances of an accident. The new discounts offered by the Nashville insurance agency are geared towards rewarding safe driving and reducing roadway incidents.

This is indicative of an overall trend in the auto insurance industry towards usage-based car coverage rates. Providers now have the capabilities to monitor a customer’s driving habits, such as time of day behind the wheel, distances driven, speed and safe stops. Drivers simply plug a small device into their cars onboard diagnostics system and the technology does the rest.    

“Statistics point towards an increase in auto accidents during the summer,” stated Royce Williams, Principal at Royce Williams Agency. “We are taking advantage of some excellent technology out there that allows us to reward customers who demonstrate safe driving habits. Good driving can now save a customer up to 20% off their car insurance.”

As an additional incentive drivers are eligible for 15% off their insurance just for trying the new program. After a review period, additional discounts may be applied depending on information gathered from the device.

As part of promoting green business practices, Royce Williams Agency is also offering customers a 6% credit towards their overall premium for having policy documents emailed.

“One of our biggest goals is providing our Nashville customer base with the best rates in insurance coupled with the best industry technology,” noted Williams. “Safety is a big priority for us and if we can encourage customers to be safer drivers by giving them a bit of incentive then we are going to do that.”

For more information about Royce Williams Agency, including other discounted insurance plans contact them at, 615-356-4800.


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