Boosting Employee Energy and Reducing Stress in Today’s Workplace

Health Enhancement Systems offers a free guide for employers on how to minimize workplace stress.

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Enhancing Lives With Award-Winning Workplace Wellness Programs

Business and industry are faced with an energy and stress crisis some 40 years in the making

Midland, MI (Vocus) May 7, 2009

Low energy and high stress among employees can be devastating to the bottom line — workers who aren’t functioning at their best can have considerable decreases in productivity. This is especially true for employees with high stress.

Now HR directors, managers, and wellness coordinators can help solve this increasing problem, as detailed in the new Achieving Peak Energy and Reduced Stress: A Guide for the 21st Century Workplace.

“Business and industry are faced with an energy and stress crisis some 40 years in the making,” notes Dean Witherspoon, CEO and founder of Health Enhancement Systems. “A confluence of personal choices and work culture practices has produced unprecedented workplace stress and a drain on personal energy that must be reversed if organizations are to achieve sustainable health and productivity,” according to Witherspoon.

While the current global recession intensifies the challenges, when the economy does turn up, stress will remain high and energy low — unless organizations provide the tools to educate and inspire employees at all levels to take control. It won’t be easy.

Individual habits ingrained over years or decades are hard to change. And longstanding formal or informal policies that contribute to anything but a health culture — inactivity, poor food choices, a skewed sense of work/life balance, and ignoring the larger issue of purpose or meaning — make the challenges even greater.

“This is a guide for organizations that are serious about reversing soaring stress levels and putting employees in position to regain energy,” adds Witherspoon. “The goal is to have employees perform their best at work, with the physical and mental stamina to pursue personal interests outside of work.”

The guide details specific actions individuals can take and the organization can support — backed by more than 50 studies — to achieve peak energy while minimizing stress. For a free copy, go to or request up to 10 free printed copies by calling 800.326.2317.

Health Enhancement Systems develops workplace wellness programs that help create a health culture. Campaigns include Feel Like a Million, Great American Fitness Adventure, Walktober, 10K-A-Day, healthy2009, Green Planet Wellness, Spring Into Motion, and more. Health Enhancement Systems has been developing corporate wellness solutions for companies, health plans, health systems, hospitals, government agencies, educational institutions, nonprofits, associations, and other groups since 1992.

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