Wholesale TV and Radio Advertising Announces Free Production of Radio Commercials for All Clients Nationwide

All clients purchasing radio advertising will now receive the free basic production of a 30-second radio commercial or a 60-second radio commercial. Clients can choose either a more aggressive Direct Response radio commercial or a more traditional radio spot. This program allows our clients to receive free, high quality radio commercials along with the 75-85% savings they already receive on their radio spots (airtime) using our "Name your own wholesale price" program.

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We are really going after the heart of the advertising agency business model here

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 13, 2009

In a move that is sure to turn heads in the advertising agency and media buying world, Wholesale TV and Radio Advertising began offering the free basic production of 30-second radio commercials and 60-second radio commercials to all their clients in April of 2009.

"We are really going after the heart of the advertising agency business model here," said the General Manager, at Wholesale TV and Radio Advertising. "Local Radio Stations have always offered free commercial production for their clients (with airtime), but, in order to get free production, you had to purchase the radio spots directly from that station at full local/retail rates. Advertising agencies, on the other hand, make a big percentage of their revenue and profit by producing commercials. Clients would typically have to pay $1,000-$2,000 to receive this type of quality radio commercial from a traditional advertising agency. To me, it has never made sense to ask cash-strapped small businesses to pay an ultra premium for the 'razor' and then still have to pay retail/agency rates for the 'razor blades'. We are basically telling clients we will provide them a high quality radio commercial for free and then we can place the commercial on any station, in any Metro City they want to target."

The Free Radio Production will include:

  • Your choice of Professional Radio Talent (the voice)
  • Basic Background Music
  • Quality editing of your radio script
  • A studio recording of the 30-second radio commercial or 60-second radio commercial
  • Professional editing and delivery of the recorded commercial
All Radio commercials will be produced exclusively by Makin Music Productions. They also offer deluxe upgrades, like custom jingles and multi 800 # tagging, for a nominal fee. "We spent a couple of years trying to put a free production solution together for our clients," said the G.M. "For one reason or another, we just could not find the right fit. When this economy started to seize up last summer, I decided it was finally time to pull the trigger and get it done. Makin Music Productions and their team are aggressive, honest and reliable. They have done some fantastic work in the past and we are thrilled to have forged this new partnership with them."

Small businesses interested in learning about the range of wholesale radio advertising rates for their area can contact the company online at: http://www.wholesaletvandradioads.com/contactus.html or via telephone at 214-306-4638.

About Wholesale TV and Radio Advertising:
Wholesale TV & Radio Advertising is a wholesale media buying and placement firm. Their primary office is in Addison, TX. They offer wholesale direct response Radio Advertising & Television advertising placement on a local and regional level in over 300 Metro Cities and in all 50 states. The company specializes in working with small businesses on tight budgets.

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