CPAP Chinstraps Fail to Please Sleep Apnea Patients releases the results of the ninth Product Challenge between the Respironics Premium Chinstrap and the ResMed Sullivan Chinstrap. Respironics wins but both chinstrap manufacturers should look to trial participant feedback to improve products.

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Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 29, 2009

The results of the ninth Product challenge are in. Chinstraps have battled it out and patients are not pleased. The Respironics Premium was ultimately victorious over the ResMed Sullivan. However, both the Premium and Sullivan chinstraps have design flaws that complicate Sleep Apnea treatment. Challenge participants, who are all current or previous Premium Chinstrap CPAP users, did an excellent job of highlighting both areas of weakness and potential for development. User feedback through Product Challenges provide manufacturers with the tools to improve.

Product Challenge votes are the voice of CPAP users. When asked which product they would use in the future, CPAP users chose Respironics over ResMed by a 2:1 margin. While the scores suggest a big win for Respironics, a closer read of user comments express overall disappointment with industry offerings. Challenge participant Kenneth sums up this sentiment well, "[The winning chinstrap] holds my mouth closed very well but I do not like the fit and have been hoping to find a better product." 'Chinstrap Battle' results highlight that Product Challenges serve users in many ways. Some highlight superior products and innovation within the industry. Others, like this one, highlight the needs of the community. We strongly recommend manufacturers, sleep doctors and users view the full results for subcategories and unfiltered user comments:

User comments outline where manufacturers went wrong and how they can improve their products. For example, neither product proved a good fit for very large or very small users. Among the biggest concerns is the Respironics choice of material. "The bulk provides awesome support for your chin", user John states, "but sometimes feels like you are wearing a ski mask." Users suggest a lighter and more durable material like that of ResMed. Alternatively, ResMed can earn favor by developing a more secure design like Respironics. Earning only 2.6 of a possible 5 in the subcategory 'Stays in Place', the ResMed single strap design was questioned by users. The challenge is therefore put before manufacturers: improve chinstraps and the lives of users.

For more information on the 9th Product Challenge, please contact Katherine Fulmer at 1-866-222-8676.

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