2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Wayne Allyn Root Endorses CarbonCopyPRO

The media icon says that both America and the world need CarbonCopyPRO.

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Be careful, however, because sometimes your so-called friends, and even your relatives, will try to hold you back.

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 27, 2009

New York, NY--Wayne Allyn Root has endorsed CarbonCopyPRO, the premier internet marketing system and entrepreneurial education platform. In a recent interview with CarbonCopyPRO Senior Vice President Andrew Cass, the bestselling author, and media icon talked about how CarbonCopyPRO supports his personal commitment to entrepreneurship as a way to not only counteract the forces of the recession, but as a means to personal long term financial prosperity. As, the expected Libertarian Party nominee for U.S. President in 2012, Root's endorsement of the CarbonCopyPRO business model is noteworthy.

According to Root, the economy is still headed downhill and jobs are being lost at the rate of several million per quarter. He says that if you're going to save your family, you have to depend on you. "The CarbonCopyPRO business model is the perfect way to enable people to lift themselves up by their bootstraps," Root said. "I think America needs CarbonCopyPRO. I think the world needs CarbonCopyPRO."

As the Libertarian candidate for president, Root routinely squares off against big government, big business, big unions and the two party system. The son of a butcher, Root has achieved tremendous success as a television personality, author and--what he is most proud of--self made entrepreneur. And despite the economic malaise that plagues the nation right now, he feels that the conditions are perfect for someone to start a business. "This recession represents the greatest opportunity for entrepreneurial growth perhaps in history--definitely in our lifetime," Root said.

Root believes that the CarbonCopyPRO system combined with the close personal support and mentoring provided by company executives and team members is what makes it such a powerful program. Having a mentor is a necessary first step to massive success, and he said that you also need to select your friends wisely. "The people you choose as your friends will make all the difference in your life," Root said. "Be careful, however, because sometimes your so-called friends, and even your relatives, will try to hold you back." He went on to say that the CarbonCopyPRO community could play a huge role in the development and long-term success of online entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

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Wayne Allyn Root

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