Panicware Launches Pop-Up StopperÒ ISP Distribution- A Program Providing Pop-Up Stopper Technology to Internet Service Providers Free of Charge

Panicware, Inc. is proud to continue a commitment to a pop-up free Internet by providing PanicwareÂ?s patent-pending Pop-Up Stopper technology to all Internet Service Providers free of charge

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(PRWEB) August 31, 2002

Panicware Inc., a developer of PC software solutions, announces the launch of the Pop-Up Stopper ISP Distribution Program. This program combines Internet pop-up control solutions into an easy-to-use program that functions as a toolbar within Internet Explorer.

Pop-Up Stopper gives Internet control back to the consumer. By allowing Internet Service Provides to distribute this control to their subscribers, Panicware hopes to make the Internet a more peaceful place for consumers worldwide. Users can configure Pop-Up Stopper to automatically stop pop-ups and pop-under windows and pop-ups from certain web sites can be allowed with a single click of a toolbar button.

Pop-Up Stopper technology features advanced options to allow pop-up advertising windows only at selected sites, in an effort to block intrusive ads and save valuable bandwidth. New, fun Sound Packs are also available, giving users the pleasure of playing one of many creative, fun sounds when a pop-up has been zapped. “We’ve been protecting consumers against Internet pop-ups for several years.” said Matina Fresenius, CEO of Panicware. “We are pleased to be able to offer our technology free to Internet Service Providers, as they are in touch with Internet users and are often the first to receive consumer complaints about pop-up ads.”

Interested Internet Service Providers may visit Panicware’s web site ( for details about the various program options available. All providers must apply for acceptance and be approved for the Pop-Up Stopper Distribution Program via Panicware’s web site.

About Panicware Inc.

Founded in 2000, Panicware Inc. is a developer of privacy and pop-up control technology and Internet browsing enhancement tools. Contact Panicware Inc. at