There's a Revolution In The World Of Cosmetics And It's Internal...

Discovery of First Internal Cosmetic Restores Youth to Hair, Skin and Nails in Women.

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It's definitely a new approach

Vancouver, Canada (PRWEB) November 27, 2007

Women across North America are discovering that real beauty isn't skin deep. Jouvence, the first internal cosmetic, rejuvenates women's youthfulness by nourishing the body from inside out.

In clinical testing Jouvence moisturized the body and reduced the signs of dryness responsible for the aging process. This approach also provided numerous health and aesthetic benefits to the patients, most remarkably to their hair, skin and nails.

"Jouvence is basically an internal moisturizer" says Dr. Pascal Roy president of the company that manufactures Jouvence. "We based a big part of our study on Traditional Chinese Medicine"; according to this ancient wisdom, most women by the age of 40 have lost half of their internal essences or Yin. In order to slow down the aging process and to increase health and vitality these essences must be replenished.

"It's definitely a new approach," admits Dr. Roy, and it can be difficult to convince some women that taking something internally will improve their hair, skin or nails; but "they can't argue with the results". "The effects of the Jouvence nourishment can't be replaced by creams, shampoos, lotions or other topical products."

Internal Cosmetics are catching on with women like Patricia Larsen, who, at age 58, was finding it harder to find products that really worked. "My friend recommended Jouvence, the results weren't instant, but after a few weeks my skin looked noticeably better and my hair stopped falling out". "After 3 months of using Jouvence my hair is now growing in thicker and darker."

More and more women are changing the way they take care of themselves; healthy lifestyle, diet, regular exercise and now internal cosmetics are all part of the modern aesthetic regimen;
it's the New Beauty...

Jouvence is composed of 18 herbal and mineral extracts and is taken in a capsule form, it is 100 per cent natural, clinically tested, and FDA-approved. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Pascal Roy Laboratories inc. is a research facility dedicated to the development of nutritional supplements for health and beauty.

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