Mojo Sports Brings Fresh Approach to Sports Sponsorship Marketing and Entertainment Sponsorship Marketing

Mojo Sports,, a full service sports marketing and entertainment marketing agency, has opened its doors with offices in Texas, California and Colorado and eyes expansion in the U.K. and Europe. The agency specializes in identifying, negotiating, leveraging and measuring highly relevant sponsorships and partnerships for corporate clients with elite professional franchises, individuals and entertainment or sports properties. With a global reach and network of affiliated partners, Mojo Sports has no boundaries in the world of entertainment or sport sponsorship.

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Sponsors have a business platform of products and services that they bring to the table and properties have begun to use those assets to enhance the fan experience, improve their own performance and build their brand. It's a win-win.

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) April 11, 2008

    Mojo Sports has a wealth of knowledge and professional experience in the technology, business to business (B2B) and consumer brand sectors as it relates to entertainment sponsorship and sports sponsorship. Throughout their careers, the agency's staff has worked with some of the world's top business and sport brands including: Nike, AMD, Motorola, IBM, Sprint, Verizon, ESPN, Lance Armstrong, Scuderia Ferrari Formula One Team, NASCAR, Levi Leipheimer, the Astana and Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team's, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and the Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Music Festivals.

"Like most industries, entertainment and sport sponsorship marketing is in a state of constant change. As the importance of sports marketing becomes more prominent in the development of world-class business brands, so has the relevance of sports and entertainment marketing within an overall marketing strategy," stated Morris Denton, Partner at Mojo Sports. "What was once considered best in class has now only become the ante for successful programs - while a banner on the field or logo on a uniform may provide adequate return on investment for a company, what is now critical is a well thought out sponsorship strategy, which credibly integrates the corporation's products, partners, customers and employees into the activation program."

Mojo Sports understands the complex landscape of sponsorship and creates unique, meaningful, and tangible associations between a client's brand, and world-class sports and entertainment properties. By understanding a company's values, products and services, audience and competition, Mojo Sports is able to identify appropriate opportunities and develop specific, unique and effective marketing strategies.

To learn more about the Mojo Sports approach to sport and entertainment sponsorship, watch one of these case study videos:

1. LiveSTRONG - see how two technology brands, AMD and HP, teamed up to develop an effective sports marketing program to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

2. Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team - Learn how a unique partnership between sponsors of Team Discovery helped Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador win the Tour de France.

3. NASCAR - Product and technology integration were combined to advance one of America's fastest growing sports.

With corporate sponsorship spending expected to grow beyond $16 Billion in 2008, it has become more critical to create a broad platform from which to leverage the sponsorship. Product and technology integration is integral and done in conjunction with customer events, PR and Marketing campaigns, and employee participation, collectively providing a powerful connection and the biggest ROI (return on investment).

"Companies aspire for opportunities that represent a mutual partnership with their sponsored property or athlete," stated Terri Hall, Partner at Mojo Sports. "Sponsors have a business platform of products and services that they bring to the table and properties have begun to use those assets to enhance the fan experience, improve their own performance and build their brand. It's a win-win."

Learn more about Mojo Sports' comprehensive approach to developing and managing Entertainment and Sports Marketing programs utilizing the "Four Circles" of Sport Sponsorship.

Brand Visibility - Brand visibility in the present day world of entertainment and sports sponsorship, i.e. your corporate logo on a uniform or within a venue, has now become just one piece of the puzzle within a long-term and effective sponsorship marketing strategy.

Brand Alignment - Very often "what you do" is as important as "who you do it with". At Mojo Sports we believe that identifying the appropriate property to sponsor, one with similar goals, vision and ambitions, is critical to the success of your entertainment and sports marketing program.

Unique Experiences - Utilize the assets of your sponsorship to entertain clients, reward employees and take the business meeting out of the board room. Unique, well organized events and experiences for those most important to your business will provide a lasting impression and build long-term relationships.

Product and Technology Integration - Mojo Sports develops solutions for the property, franchise or athlete, utilizing your product or services to provide a credible and meaningful marketing platform from which to leverage your relationship.

About Mojo Sports

Mojo Sports is a full service sports sponsorship and sports marketing agency that identifies, negotiates, and manages highly relevant relationships for global 2000 businesses with elite professional franchises, individuals and properties in sports and entertainment. We architect high-profile programs that powerfully and credibly integrate our client's products into the critical performance fabric of world-class teams and individuals to create tangible associations that are unique, meaningful, and engaging. With a global reach and network of affiliated partners, Mojo Sports has no boundaries in the world of sport and entertainment sponsorship.

Mojo Sports works at the true intersection of sports, business, and marketing. We believe sponsors, particularly technology and business-to-business (B2B) corporations, can more fully leverage their professional sports and entertainment investment. For companies with complicated business and technology messages, we create value far beyond logo placement. We create product and service context that resonates with prospects, customers, and fans. And because we partner exclusively with corporations, we're sports and entertainment agnostic, and can make the best recommendations based on your brand's unique value.

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