Pursuit Channel adds Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures Television Show to their Lineup

Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures, the Award Winning International Hunting and Outdoor Adventure series, has entered into agreement with The Pursuit Channel to distribute and broadcast their acclaimed TV show in the USA.

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Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) April 14, 2008

The Award Winning International Hunting and Outdoor Adventure series, Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures has entered into agreement with Pursuit Channel to distribute and broadcast their acclaimed TV show.

Pursuit Channel will include Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures in their new outdoor programming schedule airing on DirecTV starting mid April 2008.

"After several years of broadcasting our show, I am excited about getting our show out to the hunting and adventure television viewers that Pursuit Channel can bring on DirecTV." – said Cliff Tulpa, show host and producer.

Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures features professional hunter and Host of the show, Cliff Tulpa, in his pursuit of big game animals throughout the world.

This is the 3rd year of Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures and the programming lineup will have episodes this season on Argentina Red Stag, Polar Bear in the Canadian Arctic, High Altai Argali in far western Mongolia, Cat hunting in South Africa, Desert Bighorn Sheep in the Grand Canyon, Brown Bear in Alaska, Mt. Goats in British Columbia, Colorado Elk at Three Forks Ranch, New Caledonia Rusa Deer, Spain for Beceite Ibex and many more incredible adventures from all continents.

Cliff brings to the adventure loving community an opportunity to see big game animals and remote parts of the world most people have never heard of.

Along with Cliff Tulpa on these expeditions are model guest-hosts that will present the local cultures, food and customs in these remote areas. In addition to presenting the culture, the guest-hosts also perform adventure extreme sports such as diving with the Great White Sharks in the Indian Ocean and the World's Highest Bungy jump off the Blaukrans Bridge in South Africa.

Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures is currently broadcast on Fox Sports Network, FANZ TV and Wild TV. Adding the Pursuit Channel will make Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures one of the largest broadcast outdoor hunting and adventure series.

Bill Rivas, VP of Operations and Marketing Director for the Wild Outdoor Adventures family of companies, was also excited about the new agreement with Pursuit Channel and adds "with the addition of the viewers that Pursuit Channel provides, the distribution network makes Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures television series available to more than 100 million outdoor enthusiasts."

Pursuit Channel will broadcast Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures during Prime Time weeknights and also on weekends. The program will be aired throughout the USA via satellite feed on DirecTV network Channel 611.




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