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David K. Miller has issued the latest editorial article for Absolute Wealth.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 08, 2013

Absolute Wealth’s Managing Editor David K. Miller published the most recent op-ed piece for the company’s website, and commented on the recent unemployment numbers that he calls a disappointment.

“We haven't had a labor force participation rate this low for 34 years,” wrote Miller. As a result, “This week the stock market tried its darnedest to sell off and take a breather, but those steroid dollar fueled bulls would have none of it.”

“At the end of the first week of April the stock market and gold bulls find themselves backed up against a wall of angry bears,” Miller said in the article.

David K. Miller is an investment and financial expert who writes, analyzes, and advises as Managing Editor of Absolute Wealth. His experience as a professional trader has led to a vast knowledge of modern techniques and strategies, and many of the programs, Special Reports, and other features from Absolute Wealth and the Independent Wealth Alliance originated from Miller, or included his input in one form or another.

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