Newest Market Update Video from Absolute Wealth Published

Hubert Senters and have issued the most recent market update video to the company’s website.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

The most recent market update video from Absolute Wealth’s financial contributor Hubert Senters has been released. Senters helps viewers understand how to scan for stop gaps using a specific online finance tool.

“It’s just a simple tool that you can use to find stocks that are gapping up or are gapping down,” Senters said. Sorting things by volume will help distinguish the difference between good choices and poor ones, the video explained.

Videos like this are created daily by's team of financial experts. It is part of the company's continuing efforts to provide up-to-date content that investors can trust. With a newly re-designed website and an anticipation of more products and services to be offered in the near future, Absolute Wealth is devoting even more time and effort towards becoming the go-to source for financial analysis and information.

Viewers can follow along with Senters as he browses through the stock numbers and data charts, and visually see the very movements and patterns he is talking about.

Hubert Senters is a professional day trader and successful entrepreneur. He had an unusual start to his professional investment career, and the story of his introduction is included as part of the “Trash Can Trader” program. Senters launched with fellow Absolute Wealth contributor John Carter, and has garnered a loyal trading community following with his keen sense of the trading markets, his frank teaching style, and his willingness to help others learn from him.

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