Coat Rack Wall Decals: Wall Art Has Just Became Functional by Dezign With a Z

Constantly re-thinking design to fulfill a purpose, Dezign With a Z launches a line of coat rack wall decals - a unique product that combines the aesthetics of removable vinyl decals and the functionality of a coat rack.

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Why having a clumsy traditional coat rack that takes up an awful amount of space when we can have a sleek, modern coat rack wall decal?

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

San Francisco-based company Dezign With a Z has added purpose to wall décor products. With a new line of coat rack wall decals, the Californian brand re-thinks decorating and adds a spin to it. These new products can be considered the last generation of wall art which is no longer purely decorative, the coat racks are practical and ideal for those seeking space-optimization.

The concept behind this line is quite simple: a combination of a removable wall decal and premium hooks. So what makes it so ground-breaking? The innovative design featured on every single product. Deer horns will be used to hang a checkered shirt and baseball cap, a French butler will hold the dry-cleaning as one rushes through the door, a Zen branch will serve as support for a comfy bath robe or a loofah.

When questioned about the inspiration behind the coat rack decal line, Florent Lavaud, CEO at Dezign With a Z explains that with an extremely competitive market what sets leading companies apart is being able to identify a need and develop products to fulfill it. He goes on to say that we are becoming an urban nation and that leasing is the new norm and no longer the exception; space is not only limited but expensive. “Why having a clumsy traditional coat rack that takes up an awful amount of space when we can have a sleek, modern coat rack wall decal?”

With a passion for producing unparalleled wall décor products, Dezign With a Z has been a leader in the wall art niche market for a solid 6 years. Initially known for their self-adhesive vinyl collection such as tree wall decals, the line was quickly expanded to incorporate unique items such as laser cut acrylic mirrors, large format wall murals and digitally printed wall canvases – all of which are made in the USA.

“The coat rack decal is our newest addition”, says Mr. Lavaud, “but I am quite sure it won’t be the last, we will continue to develop purposeful design that is not only pretty and unique, it actually helps our customers reinvent their spaces and turn their houses into homes”.


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An image of a French cartoon butler turned into an adhesive wall decal that comes with mounting hooks Tres chic - a French butler coat rack wall decal

A removable vinyl wall decal of a French butler that comes in 24 different colors combined with premium hooks

A picture of a deer cartoon head wall decal which serves as a coat rack The hunting season has begun: hang your clothes on the deer horns in shape of a coat rack sticker

A combination of a deer head adhesive wall decal that comes with black matte hooks

A floral motif branch with birds adhesive wall decal serves as a modern coat rack. Hooks are included. A zen look: An Asian inspired branch wall decal turned into a sleek coat rack

A removable wall decal of a branch with birds that can come in 24 different colors - a pair of black matte hooks is also included