Releases Furdiburb, the Virtual Pet, for NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes & Noble

The most popular family-friendly virtual pet game for Android™, Furdiburb®, is now available for NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes & Noble. Furdiburb®, independently developed by, is a combination of virtual pet, puzzle, and adventure. For more details, please check out the company site at

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Furdiburb, the virtual pet, now available for NOOK

Furdiburb, the virtual pet, now available for NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes & Noble

It's awesome to see Furdiburb on NOOK tablets. It feels like they are the perfect devices for playing Furdiburb.

Orange, CA (PRWEB) December 14, 2012

After vacationing on Earth, Furdiburb's parents accidentally leave their baby alien behind. Players adopt their virtual pet by feeding and caring for him while solving puzzles and playing mini-games in order to fix up a broken spaceship and send him home. Players also have the ability to mutate Furdiburb for interesting looks while collecting houses and furniture for extra customizations.

Now, owners of NOOK devices can experience the virtual pet adventure and send Furdiburb home. The game is available in the NOOK Apps™ storefront as a free demo featuring a small portion of the game or as a paid full-version.

"It's awesome to see Furdiburb on NOOK tablets," said Chad Ata, lead developer. "It feels like they are the perfect devices for playing Furdiburb. We are super excited to have our virtual pet game accepted for their store."

"Furdiburb is an ideal game to play during reading breaks because users can quickly drop in and out of the game to take care of their virtual pet and play mini-games," commented Danny Ata, artist. "The game also looks really good on NOOK's large and vibrant screens!"

"The ecosystem for the NOOK is unique in that apps have to be approved before they are available for download," remarked Alice Lo, developer and composer. "After meticulously checking our descriptions, screenshots, and other information, they tested our game on their NOOK devices. It shows us that they really care about their customers by only releasing quality apps in their store."

About was founded in 2010 by two guys and a gal with the mission of "making the world a happier place - one app at a time". Currently focusing on Android™ devices, is dedicated to creating rewarding and enjoyable experiences for users of any age.



Gingerbread House, gingerbread man, and mistle poo Holidays for Furdiburb - Gingerbread House

Don't forget to celebrate the holidays with gingerbread goodies and mistletoe poo!

Furdiburb - Mount Brimstone Mount Brimstone

Mount Brimstone, what poor lonely soul lives within?

Broken spaceship, Furdiburb the virtual pet, and teddy bear Broken Spaceship

In front of the broken spaceship, Furdiburb snuggles with a teddy bear and...wait, is that a Neapolitan poop on the side??

Furdiburb - Crabidab's Shop Crabidab's Shop

Crabidab's Shop is full of antenna and eyeball mutations for Furdiburb. Players can customize their virtual pet's looks.