Engagement Leads Red Ten NYC to Increase Sales and Marketing ROI by 18%

New York based firm Red Ten NYC have announced that increased engagement levels can greatly enhance profits for small business owners

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Red Ten NYC Sales and Marketing in New York City, New York

Red Ten NYC

By meeting customers face-to-face we are able to increase the return on investment, reduce marketing budgets and improve brand loyalty for our clients.”

New York City, New York (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

Outsourced sales and marketing firm, Red Ten NYC provide the services of brand awareness by interacting with their clients customers in person. This method allows them to control the way the clients brand is perceived.

Improving engagement levels through face to face interactions can improve the customer loyalty to a brand by 18% according to the study carried out by Red Ten NYC.
The firm studied direct marketing campaigns throughout the UK and USA over a six month period. Twelve companies were featured from across the four industries: cosmetics, energy, charity and entertainment. It was found that brand loyalty had increased by 18% on average.

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Managing Director of Red Ten NYC says 'we have worked in direct marketing for over 10 years. One element that has remained throughout the booming economy and the recent recession is that people are loyal to people. By meeting customers face-to-face we are able to increase the return on investment, reduce marketing budgets and improve brand loyalty for our clients.”

A 2010 article on Marketing Week online, written by MaryLou Costa discusses the importance of customer engagement on brand profits and a model that demonstrates the link between consumer engagement and profit margins that “could be the necessary fuel to propel marketers into the boardroom.”

Costa features Brand and communications research firm, Hall and Partners who have suggested that up to two thirds of a brands profits may rely on effective consumer engagement.
A business scheme, the ‘Engager’ model, was generated using the views of 2,500 UK consumers of fifty featured brands. Overall the research project takes in 250 brands in the UK, US, China and Australia, and uses the response of 10,000 consumers.

Hall and Partners have devised a specific engager score for each brand and takes into account the numerous, complex attitudes towards the companies e.g. how much faith does the (potential) consumer have in the delivering of the brand.

The sector that the brand operates in should also be taken into consideration with this model, to fully understand its engagement. To resolve this, marketers should compare the engagement levels and profit margins of their rivals, rather than just comparing themselves against all the other businesses.

By carrying on and developing their engagement approach, and referring to this ‘Engager’ model, Red Ten NYC shall definitely triumph.



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