Richard Gorman Celebrates the Genius of New Mailbox App

The long-awaited Mailbox app is here—prompting an enthusiastic response from tech expert Richard Gorman.

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New York, New York (PRWEB) February 11, 2013

According to technology enthusiast and app-lover Richard Gorman, hype has been building for some time over a new app that promises to revolutionize e-mail maintenance and organization. The app, simply called Mailbox, has received laudatory reviews from technology pundits lucky enough to test it out over the last several months—and now, after a lengthy gestation period, the Mailbox app is finally available to users of the iOS App Store. While users can download the app now, they may not be able to implement it for some time, thanks to an innovative rollout plan that the Mailbox team has devised. The app’s arrival and its unique rollout strategy have won a comment from Gorman, who has weighed in on Mailbox with a new press statement.

“To call this app long-anticipated would be an understatement,” offers Gorman, in his comment to the press. “Early reviews have essentially heralded this as the next big thing in e-mail, an app that finally makes it seamless and simple to organize e-mails on the go. For busy mobile users who receive large volumes of e-mails, Mailbox could prove a game-changer—and in many ways, its marketing approach is just as innovative.”

Gorman continues by praising the Mailbox team for its “mastery of hype-building.” He says, “This company has slowly leaked glowing reviews and tantalizing glimpses of its product in action, effectively building intrigue and enthusiasm for months and months. Now, the app is here, but users may have to wait even longer before they are able to use it—something that is sure to create even more anticipation for this incredible app.”

Gorman refers to the unique Mailbox rollout strategy, which is as much about marketing as it is about practicality. In order to scale-up as gracefully and as seamlessly as possible, the Mailbox team is activating its app gradually, according to “invitations” sent out to its users. These invitations are delivered on a first-come, first-serve basis—which means that users who signed up for Mailbox months ago may already have access, but those who are just learning about it now will likely have to wait a while.

Reserving a Mailbox invitation is simply enough. Users need only download the Mailbox app from the app store, which automatically registers them to receive an invite. Users who do so can also watch as the “line” moves, in real time, as new invitations are sent out to different users.

According to Gorman, the way in which Mailbox is building hype would be a risk were the product not capable of delivering—but the Mailbox app is as solid as early reviews indicated it would be. “Simple and intuitive, there has simply never been a better way to do e-mail from a mobile device,” Gorman opines. “For many of us, it is about to become the new default e-mail app.”

The Mailbox app allows users to organize their e-mails, quickly and easily and totally on the fly. As new e-mails come in, users can make swiping motions to determine how these e-mails are to be filed. Depending on the direction of the swipe, an e-mail can be archived, deleted, or “saved for later.” The “save for later” function is one of the primary innovations of Mailbox, allowing users to set aside e-mails that need to be read and responded to at a later date, but are not immediately urgent.

Gorman says that everything about the app represents major technological progress. “The reservation system is in place to prevent the Mailbox cloud system from being overloaded, but it also serves to build further interest surrounding this ingenious app,” says Gorman. “All told, Mailbox is poised to become the reigning champion of mobile e-mail platforms.”

Richard Gorman is a technology enthusiast and app expert who can be found on Twitter, with the handle @richgorman101.


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