Marketing Pioneer Richard Gorman Heralds for Standard-Setting Reputation Management Capabilities

Richard Gorman has announced that, with its standard-setting SEO features, will raise the bar for online reputation management.

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New York, New York (PRWEB) February 19, 2013

Richard Gorman, the marketing guru behind Direct Response and Gorman Economics LLC, has recently acquired the soon-to-launch social platform— a social platform that Gorman says will instantly revolutionize the field of online reputation management. combines proprietary technology with a rich list of features, which cherry-picks the best bells and whistles from other social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. The site allows users to brand themselves and to broadcast their achievements, ideally catching the eye of recruiters and potential employers. According to Gorman, however, the biggest advantage that offers may be its capability for online reputation defense.

“The entire purpose of is to provide individuals with a way to showcase their achievements, both personal and professional, and to hype those achievements so that the whole world knows about them,” Gorman explains. Those achievements could include major career advances, promotions, the completion of training courses, or even the consumption of a business book or personal development manual. “The point is, you can sign up for a profile and then share all of your proudest achievements, with the hope of monetizing those achievements and using them to boost your professional life.”

In other words, is a tool with which users can put their best foot forward and create the strongest, most positive impressions possible in the online world. The personal brand-enhancing capabilities of are augmented by the social platform’s proprietary SEO technology, which Gorman says is groundbreaking.

He is not the only one to think so. His partner, Dave Polykoff, says’s standard-setting search engine optimization strategies make it an invaluable tool for online reputation management. “The critical benefit offered by is that it goes past letting users build profiles to create strong online impressions of themselves. It also ensures that the impression created by that profile ultimately informs and influences the user’s entire online reputation,” Polykoff states.’s reputation management benefits stem from a keen understanding of search engine optimization, or SEO—an understanding that Polykoff is particularly proud of. “Our development team comes from the world of SEO, and for years has worked to understand the most intimate and particular details of how Google’s algorithms work,” Polykoff notes. “As such, we have been able to introduce revolutionary technology that ensures a page will provide high Google rankings. In other words, if you have a profile and someone Googles your name, you can have peace of mind knowing that your profile will be among the very first things the search engine user sees.” sends new information to Google’s algorithms every time a user logs a new achievement, Polykoff says, which means a user could potentially have numerous achievements fixed on the first page of Google search rankings. “The bottom line is that, when someone searches for your name online, he or she finds an online reputation that is strong, positive, and authoritative,” Polykoff affirms. “That, ultimately, is what makes utterly essential for anyone and everyone who is concerned with how they are portrayed on the Internet.” is poised for growth, as well. “Our development team is committed to staying on top of search engine technology and ensuring that remains a vital and effective presence in online reputation management,” offers Gorman. In fact, plans to add a dozen or more new developers in the coming six months, a sign of how serious the company is about its investment in cutting-edge technology.

Gorman concludes by noting the significance of “There has never been anything like this before—a social platform that is designed to help individuals and even corporations create positive, high-ranking profiles, using SEO-driven technology and a totally user-centered approach to offer amazing new possibilities in branding and in online reputation management.

Richard Gorman states that will launch officially on March 1.


Richard Gorman is an online entrepreneur who has successfully launched numerous successful Web-based businesses, most recently the innovative and standard-setting social platform Gorman is best known as a direct response marketing expert, and his personal blog, Direct Response, is a pivotal source of information about the best practices and latest trends in online marketing. Gorman is also a pundit who regularly opines on topics related to social media, search engine marketing, online commerce, and online reputation management.


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