January Lanyards are Featured This Month at WI Girl Designs - Ring in the New Year with a New Lanyard

Garnet is this month’s birthstone color. Give a thoughtful gift to your co-workers, teachers, and friends.

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This lanyard is designed with Garnet Swarovski crystals and white pearls.

Garnet and Pearl Lanyard

Chandler, Arizona (PRWEB) January 09, 2013

Garnet Birthstone beaded lanyards are great gifts for co-workers, family and friends who have birthdays this month. Healthcare workers, government workers, event staff, teachers, and corporate workers need to wear a form of ID badge at their workplace.

Kim Arendt, owner and designer of WI Girl Designs, designs two styles: Birthstone and Silver Lanyards and Birthstone and Pearl Lanyards. The first beaded lanyard is created with Swarovski crystals, flat clear beads, and sterling silver spacers. The second style of beaded lanyard utilizes Swarovski crystals, clear plastic beads, and white pearls instead of the silver spacers. Both styles are feminine and elegant. Do not underestimate their sturdiness, though. Being a medical professional and wearing a lanyard at her workplace, Kim designed each piece to withstand the workplace stress. Multiple crimps are added to pressure points on each badge holder to allow for tugging without breaking.

Each lanyard is uniquely designed, as Kim touches every bead. Swarovski crystals, one of the highest quality beads, are used as the birthstone color.

WI Girl Designs has multiple beaded badge holder designs, including Southwestern styles. The Birthstone Beaded lanyards are the most popular. Jet black and clear lanyards coordinate with most everyone's wardrobe. Multi-colored lanyards are also favorites.

There is a separate page of Badge Reels, designed for those who do not like wearing anything around their neck.

Garnet Birthstone necklaces and bracelets are also displayed on her website.
Kim offers customization! Team colors, corporate colors, and favorite colors are common requests. You can reach Kim by going to WI Girl Designs website at http://www.WiGirlDesigns.com.