WellDatabase Changing the Oil & Gas SaaS Landscape

WellDatabase now contains over 3.6 million wells, 6 million files, and 300 million production records. Combined with a unique toolset, WellDatabase is revolutionizing oil & gas SaaS.

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SaaS for oil and gas has been behind the technology curve for too long and now WellDatabase is fixing that.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 25, 2013

WellDatabase, an oil and gas SaaS provider, is proud to announce the completion of its initial phase of its North America dataset. Combined with groundbreaking new features in the web and mobile apps, WellDatabase is redefining oil and gas SaaS.

The completion of the phase means over 3.6 million wells, 6 million supporting files, and 300 million production records are available on a single interface for the first time ever.

"The amount of data in WellDatabase is impressive, but it's what we do with the data that makes the difference." stated Josh Holt, Co-Founder and CTO of WellDatabase. "SaaS for oil and gas has been behind the technology curve for too long and now WellDatabase is fixing that."

WellDatabase has also released several new features to the web and mobile interface. The mobile app is the first to overlay land grid, state, county, and even shale play layers on the native iOS map as well as the first to allow searching by production formation. The WellDatabase web application has added history monitoring via the new activity streams and has bolstered the production analysis capabilities.

"With our production analytics, customers can answer questions that they previously could not," says Holt. "Things like, what does the average Eagle Ford well production look like? The data has always been there, we are just the first to put it all together."

About WellDatabase
WellDatabase is a customer-oriented software company aiming to take traditional oil & gas software needs and merge them with the latest technology. WellDatabase's revolutionary platform aims to provide a data source for everyone from the curious royalty owner to the most robust oil & gas engineer.


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