Announcing The Power to Stop, a 30-day Online Coaching Program to Undo an Unwanted Behavior

Stopping an unwanted behavior is an essential life skill to be learned, not a disease to be cured. Like every other human skill, stopping can be observed, copied and practiced. Participants learn how to break-free of bad habits, transcend the impulse to self-destruct, and experience Self as Christ.

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Karen Bentley, creator of The Power to Stop

Going through life without knowing how to stop self is like driving a car without knowing how to use the brakes. It's dangerous. It's crazy. And it doesn't work too well.

Center Harbor, NH (PRWEB) January 4, 2011

The most important New Year's intention is the intention to stop an unwanted, life-wasting habit. Going through life without knowing how to stop self is like driving a car without knowing how to use the brakes. It's dangerous. It's crazy. And it doesn't work too well. Many of life's most serious problems having to do with health, relationships and self-esteem can be pre-empted or made better by learning how to stop self.

"Like every other basic life skill," says creator Karen Bentley, "stopping can be observed, copied, practiced and learned." Unfortunately, stopping isn't taught in families, schools, businesses or at church, and only the most extreme cases are served by 12-step groups and rehab centers. The Power to Stop- fills this gap and makes stopping available to everyone who wants it. The Power to Stop 30-Day Online Coaching Program is conducted in the privacy and convenience of the home. The only requirement is a personal email account and a device for sending and receiving daily email messages.

The Power to Stop does not rely on disease-based thinking or practices. Instead, four revolutionary stopping skills are taught. These skills are not available anywhere else. There's a skill for the mind, a skill for spirit, a skill for the heart and a skill for the body. Each skill by itself is very powerful and produces a result. However, when all four skills are unified by a common purpose and integrated into a disciplined daily system, stopping power becomes a "full life expression" that has greater intensity and a more lasting effect.

"Inspiration is the hardest part about stopping and The Power to Stop provides inspiration on multiple levels." Participants have the opportunity to earn a $100 completion bonus. "This is one-third of the cost of the coaching program," says Bentley, "and it does the trick to get participants excited and on track." Another inspirational feature is linking the stopping experience to the remembrance of God that dwells within. This linkage gives meaning and purpose to a process that's otherwise mechanical and boring.    

Affordably priced at just $299, The Power to Stop 30-Day Online Coaching Program provides participants with a standardized daily process to follow and a reporting system that forces accountability and adherence to the stopping protocol. The winning combination of inspiration, process and accountability is the set up for long-term stopping success.    

Creator Karen "Big Heart" Bentley specializes in teaching the power of non-romantic Love to solve life problems, especially out-of-control behaviors. She considers herself an urban stopping "sherpa" and makes stopping accessible and doable for others. Bentley also developed The Sugar-Free Miracleâ„¢ Diet System, a weight loss strategy based on getting caloric sweeteners and processed flours out of the diet. For more information go to any of Bentley's websites:, and

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