Atlanta Wine Shop Announces Extension to Current Rare Whiskey Sale

Atlanta wine shop Capital City Package announces rare whiskey sale.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 25, 2013

Atlanta wine shop Capital City Package announces an extension to its current rare whiskey sale. In addition to the store’s discounted Longrow whiskey, Capital City Package is also offering "The Devil," "Godzilla," and "The Oyster" at discounted prices.

According to the staff of Capital City Package, "The Devil" is a single malt whiskey with only three bottles available at the store for $139.99 each; the name originates from "The Tasmanian She-Devil.” Larry Kantrowitz, the store’s Certified Wine Specialist, stated that it has taken literally a year for the whiskey to arrive in Georgia after ordering it. “This whiskey is very rich and full-bodied with hints of port wood, peat and smoke,” says Kantrowitz.

"The Godzilla" is a whiskey that comes from another Pacific Island, Japan, made by the Nikka Whiskey Distilling Company. “The Godzilla dates back to 1934, a number of years after the founder Masataka Taketsuru visited Scotland and set off on a lifelong quest to produce a whiskey in Japan that would compare to the great distilleries of Scotland,” claims Kantrowitz. “This 12 year old Nikka is very much in the tradition of Japan. Rich and well made, polished and refined. Elegance at its best.” Customers have the opportunity to purchase this rare whiskey for only $64.99.

Finally "The Oyster" is Armorik Breton single malt whiskey, which comes from Breton, France, a city famous for its oysters. “Having just been in France a couple of weeks ago and indulging in some of the finest oysters I ever tasted, it seemed natural for me to give this whiskey an oyster reference,” says Kantrowitz. “This is a classic European whiskey in the sense that it's lean and mean, with lots of character, briny and plump, like the oysters of the region, but with a certain balance that makes it very enjoyable.” Armorik Breton single malt whiskey can be purchased at Capital City Package for $53.99 a bottle.

Due to its wide selection of wine, liquor, beer, liqueurs, mixers and cigars, Capital City Package is a one-stop shop for all beverage needs. For more information about Capital City Package, visit or call 404-351-7579.