New Concept Saves Struggling Businesses

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Chris Reich is using fascinating laws of physics to do something remarkable in business.

Chris Reich of TeachU works hard to support the growth of businesses throughout the U.S.

Chris Reich, CEO of BizPhyZ

I've used these ideas to help struggling businesses get going in the right direction by turning them from operating at a loss to showing a profit in very short time spans.

Chris Reich is proud to announce the development of BizPhyZ, the science of business colliding with physics. This fresh new way to look at business fuses business and physics in a super collider of ideas.

BizPhyZ, a term coined by Chris Reich, noted business development consultant and speaker, is a result of fifteen years of research. Reich began to think about a relationship between business and physics when he began to study astronomy. "I would think about Newton's Laws and an idea would formulate," says Reich in a recent conversation. "Consider Newton's First Law: A body at rest, stays at rest and a body in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. This is so much like they way businesses act. The business that is bound up in politics and bureaucracy isn't moving and won't get moving unless an outside force gets things going. By the same token, an innovative, creative and active business will tend to remain that way until a force, such as the drag (friction) of success acts upon it," continues Reich.

Reich is writing a book on the subject due to be completed by the end of the year. He says, "While some of this is intended to be slightly tongue-in-cheek, there is a serious side. I've used these ideas to help struggling businesses get going in the right direction by turning them from operating at a loss to showing a profit in very short time spans. If I can use ideas from physics to save a business, then I'm doing my part to help the economy. That's good work in my opinion even I get a chuckle from the physics community."

Speaking with Chris Reich is a certainly a stimulating experience. He loves to talk about entropy eating away at a company's success or how a business can improve its gravitational attraction of customers. In a few minutes you'll find yourself enthralled by a subject you may have dreaded in high school.

But Reich has a serious side. Part of the fun includes his soap box speech on the erosion of ethics in the United States. "The decline of ethics is responsible for most of the ills in our country from Wall Street to Main Street and all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue. Entropy has eaten away at the ethics of business and government. It takes energy [in] to overcome entropy and we've grown lazy. The laziness has led to inertia. We mortgage the future in exchange for money or power today. It takes real energy to spark the desire to to the right thing. I use physics to stimulate thinking and make learning fun and, hopefully, get us to look at how our actions affect each other. Companies move manufacturing out of the country, people lose jobs, homes go into foreclosure. The cycle started with greed. To defeat entropy and get our country back on track we'll need to input energy in the form of education, ethics and excellence," says Reich. He calls those the 3 Es.

Chris Reich is available for speaking engagements and interviews and can be reached by phone at his business headquarters in the mountains of California. Be prepared to be excited to learn more. Reich's enthusiasm is infectious.

BizPhyZ office: (530) 467-5690

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