Daly City Brake Repair Shop Sanford Firestone Offers Explanations on How Brakes are Checked

Sanford Firestone, an auto repair center serving Daly City, is emphasizing that all brake jobs are not the same.

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All in all, all brake jobs are not the same. A proper inspection is very important, and included with a normal brake job most of the time

Pacifica, CA (PRWEB) October 05, 2012

Daly City’s Sanford Firestone is explaining how brake inspections are completed and why quotes for brake repairs cannot be given without seeing the car. To answer most questions about brake jobs, the auto repair shop wants to emphasize that there can be a variety of problems with brakes.

“All in all, all brake jobs are not the same. A proper inspection is very important, and included with a normal brake job most of the time,” John Sanford of Sanford Firestone said.

A proper brake inspection should first involve road testing the vehicle to feel any current problems, such as vibrations when stopping; a low, hard or sinking brake pedal; noise when braking; and emergency brake operation. A mechanic should ask the customer if he or she has experienced any braking problems, and those problems should also be addressed at this time.

Once the wheels come off, all drums and rotors should be measured for minimum thickness. If the drums or rotors are already at the minimum, they need to be replaced to ensure proper braking. If still within the specification, both drums and rotors should be re-faced to ensure proper pad or shoe contact.

Brake pads are measured in 32nds and both the inner and outer pads should be measured and checked for even wear. At this time brake calipers, hoses and sensors (if equipped) should be inspected. Uneven wear would suggest a possible caliper issue. At the minimum, caliper slides should be cleaned and lubed.

If the vehicle has drum brakes, shoes should be inspected for cracks and wear. Wheel cylinders should be checked for leakage and replaced if needed. Spring kits should be replaced on all drum brake jobs to ensure proper operation. Brake friction (shoes and pads) is also a concern. The better the material, the longer they should last and reduce problems.

“Just like any service with your vehicle ,‘you get what you pay for.’ Be careful of shops that offer inexpensive or lifetime brake jobs. Nothing is lifetime, and most of the time they will make it up somewhere,” Sanford said.

For more information about any of Sanford Firestone’s products or services, call 650-355-1155, view the auto repair shop on the Web at http://www.sanfordfirestone.com or visit 705 Hickey Blvd. in Pacifica.

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