W-2C Form Filing Made Easy. EzW2Correction Software Added to Halfpricesoft.com Lineup

Halfpricesoft.com, known for easy-to-use financial software for small business launched a new product that makes corrections to W-2 forms simple & easy. Try this w-2c software at http://www.halfpricesoft.com

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W-2c prnting software

Prepare W-2c form

With ezW2Correction software, we have responded to that request and made printing and filing corrected forms just as easy as printing and filing the original W-2 forms.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

Correcting W-2 and W-3 forms is faster and easier than ever with the new ezW2Correction software from Halfprice.com, the Louisville, Ky.-based software developer known for affordable, easy-to-use financial software for small businesses.

EzW2Correction s oftware lets businesses quickly and easily print forms W-2c and W-3c on either paper or to an electronic file. The software equips users to print the forms on blank paper, saving them money on expensive pre-printed W-2c and W-3c forms. For customers who prefer to distribute tax forms electronically using e-mail or website downloads, ezW2Correction is capable of printing the forms in portable document format (PDF). All printed forms and electronic files comply with compatibility requirements of the IRS.

“Halfpricesoft.com’s ezW2 software for printing and filing W-2 forms is a big hit among our customers, but many have said they would like a way to print and file corrected W-2 forms just as easily,” said Halfpricesoft.com founder Dr. Ge. “With ezW2Correction software, we have responded to that request and made printing and filing corrected forms just as easy as printing and filing the original W-2 forms.”

ezW2Correction software speeds filing and reduces errors and delays. When an employer discovers an error in a W-2 form, a corrected form must be sent to the employee immediately and the corrected information transmitted to the IRS as soon as possible. ezW2 Correction makes this fast and easy. Once the corrected data is entered, ezW2 Correction prints the corrected form to plain white paper using a standard laser printer and an IRS-approved substitute form layout, eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed W-2c forms. Users can also create a pdf file of the form and email it recipient quickly and easily.

As with all software from Halfpricesoft.com, ezW2 Correction has a user-friendly design that lets users get started immediately after installation from http://www.halfpricesoft.com/w2c_software.asp#DOWNLOAD, even if they have no accounting background or little computer experience. The software’s point-and-click simplicity makes it ideal for small business owners who have better things to do than learn complicated software.

ezW2Correction is priced for any size business and available free through a special offer from TrialPay. At only $39 per installation, ezW2 Correction software is highly affordable for any size business. Customers can even download the software for free and sample its features before purchasing a license key to activate it for unlimited use.

Customers who would like to acquire ezW2 Correction software free of charge can take advantage of a special offer through TrialPay. Simply by trying products and services from partners of Halfpricesoft.com and TrialPay, customers can receive a license key without cost. Advertising fees paid by TrialPay advertisers cover the cost of the license key.

Customers can download ezW2 Correction, purchase license keys and find out more about the free offer from TrialPay on the Halfpricesoft.com website at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/w2c_software.asp.

About halfpricesoft.com
Founded in 2003, Halfpricesoft.com has established itself as a leader in meeting the software needs of small businesses around the world with its payroll software, employee attendance tracking software, check printing software, W2 software, 1099 software and ezACH Deposit software. It continues to grow with its philosophy that small business owners need affordable, user friendly, super simple, and totally risk-free software.



w-2c software W2c software - company setup

ezW-2c software's graphic is easy-to-use and user-friendly

W-2c prnting software Prepare W-2c form

preparing and printing W-2c form made easy with ezW2c software from halfpricesoft.com

w-3c software prepare W-3c form

printing w-3c form made easy with ezW-2c software

W2c and W3c form printing EzW2c print all w-2c forms and w-3c on blank paper

ezW2 can print SSA-approved W-2c and w-3c forms on blank paper

W-2c filing software ezW2c supports unlimited companies, forms and recipents

ezW2c supports unlimited companies, forms and recipents with no extra charge.

1099 W2 filing software ezW2, fast 1099 and W2 filing solution

ezW2, fast 1099 and W2 filing solution from www.halfpricesoft.com

accounting payroll software ezPaycheck, small business payroll tax solution

ezPaycheck payroll software, from Halfpricesoft.com, makes it simple and easy to change payroll software or begin using payroll software for the first time - even for companies at the end of their fiscal year

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