New Yorkers advertising on their faces to raise money for education

Buy His Face and Buy Her Face are their Out-of-the-Box projects, helping them escape the student loan trap and beat the current job market

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buy her face, buy his face
“We refuse to be part of the young people struggling with student loans or unemployment!"

New York City (PRWEB) February 05, 2013

Two young, ambitious and marketing-savvy New Yorkers, are selling advertising space on their faces to pay for Grad School. Every day Lou Milanov and Vessy Angelova, both 25 years old, turn themselves into walking billboards in New York City, grabbing attention and raising awareness for their unconventional advertising projects – and
The young couple paints their faces with a logo, text or message and “rocks” the Big Apple, going to the most populated spots – Times Square, 5th Avenue, Grand central, etc. Not only they hit the streets in NYC, but they also spread the word and create buzz online by dedicating their websites, Facebook and Twitter to the paying client. This face advertising and social media marketing started with the price of $99 per day, but Vessy and Lou say that this price will rise up gradually.

Their faces can be bought for a day (or more), separately or together, through their websites and Since they launched the projects, they were flooded with different inquiries.

“It definitely gets people’s attention. They stop us and ask “What’s this about?” I believe it’s a very nontraditional way of advertising. We are eco-friendly and paperless and we see people like it.”, Angelova said.

“It’s a pretty viral, Out-Of-The-Box and affordable way of advertising. Moreover it’s our personal fight against expensive education.”, Milanov said.

Lou, who graduated with honors in Economics, and Vessy, with a BA in Cultural Studies, want to continue their higher education and found a creative way to save money for the unaffordable tuition fees.

“We refuse to be part of the young people struggling with student loans or unemployment. Higher education is a luxury nowadays, but it is the most important investment in the future and we are determined to achieve our goals and not give up,”, they said.

Angelova is aiming for a PhD in Gender Studies, while Milanov wants to continue with a business graduate school.


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Her Face on Brooklyn Bridge

buyhisface, buy his face,

His Face and Brooklyn Bridge

buyhisface, buy his face,

His Face and Times Square

Buy Her Face and Buy His Face

buy her face, buyherface,

@ Battery Park