Com-Serve Now Reveals Information to Assist Cell Tower Lease Owners to Avoid Giving-Up Additional Rooftop Space

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Cell Tower Lease & Site Owners should proceed with caution before entering into an agreement that may limit their rights, and limit revenues as well.

Com-Serve, Georgia’s leading Cell Tower Lease negotiating company, is revealing crucial information which cautions Cell Tower Owners about giving up additional space which can affect their cell tower lease rates, or the entire Rooftop, with cell site buyouts. “Cell Tower owners need to be vigilant in protecting their assets”, says Com-serve. Many times, the purchasing Cell Phone Tower Lease Company, or Finance Company, will ask for additional Rooftop Space. Various types of sales pitches will be employed, and the Cell Tower Owners truly need professional representation.

Com-Serve, a cell phone tower lease consultancy company, cautions that many times folks will receive offers of revenue sharing for giving-up the extra space, but the probability of ever seeing any of this revenue may be questionable. If a Cell Tower Owner, or Cell Site Owner, is offered an agreement to give up additional space, anywhere on their property, they should contact a professional such as David Espinosa from Com-Serve. There are not many specialists in this field, and Com-Serve is one of the few companies that protects the rights of the landowners.

David Espinosa explains that he has reviewed over one-thousand different types of Cell Tower Agreements, and that he has seen it all. Chances are he has handled similar situations in the past, and knows the upside potential of deals that are being offered to his clients. He can easily document how landowners receive higher compensation when they have professional representation. David cautions about the fine print clauses in these agreements.

Com-Serve warns people about attempting to comprehend the fine print, that it is like a Doctor operating on himself. It makes much more sense to have a professional interpret these fine-print clauses, and then explain them to the landowner. David Espinosa said “Let there be no doubt about it, this is the “Hazard Area” of an agreement. Why wouldn’t a landowner seek professional representation, when they not only will be protected, but they will receive a better deal?”.

Once these cell site leases are entered into, the landowner is committed to the terms for future decades. David cautions about relying on attorneys, accountants and Real Estate professionals who are unfamiliar with these agreements. Many attorneys rely on past experiences negotiating commercial or retail space agreements, and negotiate very poorly on the Landowner’s behalf. This can be a costly mistake to rely on people with little, or no experience with Cell Tower Agreements.

Com-Serve was founded in 1997 after the passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Its main purpose was to assist clients nationwide in negotiating more fruitful contracts with all major cell phone carriers. Com-Serve has been successful in increasing revenues, and protecting landowners from signing agreements that restrict their rights. Even those people who have already signed contracts can benefit from a no-cost consultation. David Espinosa is an expert in all phases of Cell Tower lease negotiations.

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