Cocaine Addiction Treatment and Cocaine Drug Rehab Announced by Recovery Associates

Cocaine is a stimulant drug and very addictive. Recovery Associates understands how powerful this drug can be for people and delivers numerous treatment options.

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Understandably, individuals that find comfort in cocaine can soon see that feeling turn against them ... sometimes resulting in death.


Recovery Associates, through its multiple therapeutic tracks, is pleased to announce that it is extending cocaine addiction treatment services to the public, helping people break free from this dangerous drug.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug and is very addictive. People get cocaine into their bodies through snorting, injecting, and smoking it. Using cocaine stimulates the brain by releasing dopamine, which causes the user to feel pleasure. Individuals do get “hooked” on cocaine once their pleasure-stimulant areas are affected repeatedly. Withdrawal symptoms include depression and anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, inability to feel pleasure, increased craving for cocaine, and physical symptoms including aches, pains, tremors, and chills.

Understandably, individuals that find comfort in cocaine can soon see that feeling turn against them … sometimes resulting in death. Recovery Associates, thanks to its staff and multiple treatment options, offers help in stopping the use of cocaine and live a better life.

Recovery Associates is a drug and alcohol treatment center that provides a variety of programs and services for men, women and teens struggling with chemical dependency issues. At the core of their philosophy is the belief that addiction is a treatable illness. Their addiction treatment experience has shown that anyone is capable of achieving lasting recovery and physical, mental and spiritual freedom from the disease of addiction.

Their unique program offers three different tracks: a Traditional Drug Rehab Track, an Expressive Therapies Track, Teen Rehab Track, and a Christian Rehab Track. They believe that by utilizing a variety of therapies they can better assist their clients in finding their own individualized path to recovery. Their focus is on the underlying issues that have led to the addictive behaviors and destructive patterns.

Recovery Associates’ multidisciplinary team is made up of a Board Certified Addictions Psychiatrist, Master’s Level Therapists and Certified Addictions Counselors. They are passionate about recovery and helping individuals and families begin the healing process.

For more information about Recovery Associates’ drug and alcohol treatment help, call 800-392-3180 today or visit their website at