DAZ 3D Releases Victoria 6, the Most Widely Used 3D Model on the Planet, on Genesis 2

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Version 6 of the most widely used female 3D model on the planet was released today, completely rebuilt on the new Genesis 2 figure platform.

Today DAZ 3D announced the release of Version 6 of their Victoria 3D Model. As 3D models increasingly replace real models and environments in virtual photo shoots, Victoria has continued to be one of the most prolific, with over 3 million downloads to date. In conjunction with such Software packages as DAZ Studio or POSER, these models are often arranged into scenes used for animated videos, book and comic covers, product packaging, posters, and even fast food cups.

With the release of Victoria 6 DAZ has a whole new selection of textures and “skins”, but is also leveraging some new software advancements in lighting and subsurface shading to allow natural levels of translucency (for example, the way you can see just a bit of light through the thin portions of someone’s ear lobes).

Along with these changes to Victoria 6 specifically, DAZ 3D has built Victoria on a whole new base: the Genesis 2 base. With the release of Genesis a few years ago DAZ 3D introduced some revolutionary elements into the 3D world by having figures that could stretch, morph, and adapt in ways that had not been seen before. With the release of Genesis 2, they have taken the advancements of Genesis, and rather than just enhancing it, have made some really core changes (for example, the use of true female and male bases, rather than deriving from a single form, thus allowing for a much more feminine and masculine end product). In addition to this core “sexing” of the base models, Genesis 2 has brought several more advancements, such as:

  •      Morphing: The concept of morphing has been advanced further in the Genesis 2 product line. Genesis enabled a figure to be morphed little by little toward a child, a monster, a supermodel, and muscle-bound warrior, or even an alien. But Genesis 2, with more points of articulation, more polygons in the figures, and male and female specific base allows you to really sculpt Victoria 6, and any Genesis 2 figure into more detailed, more articulate, and more gender specific forms.
  •      Male and Female bases: The male and female specific bases not only allow for more masculine and feminine figures, but allow clothing to be designed more specifically for one or the other, rather than having to fit both. This makes for much sexier, and real-world like attires that drape, hang, and hug where they should without stretching.
  •      Increased details: With over 2000 more polygons than even the Genesis base had, the detail levels on some of the most critical body parts, like faces, feet, hands, as well as knee and elbow joints produces a much more realistic end product.
  •      Articulation: No matter how good a figure looks, it has to move right. It has to react well with its environment in a realistic way. With Genesis 2 changes in level of articulation is one of the most significant updates to the base. Specifically, this includes increases in the individual movement of ears, toes, breasts, body joints and torso. As well as reworked weight mapping to show the effects of theses movements, and the gravity they happen in.
  •      Facial expressions: In order to produce more realistic facial movements and expressions Genesis 2 includes a dynamic and movable jaw as well as significantly increased facial polygons and a new eye reflection mesh.
  •     Compatibility: With the level of adoption that Genesis has received in the last two years, there is clearly industry concern about the compatibility of Genesis content to Victoria 6 and the other new Genesis 2 figures. Due to consistency of key body parts and shapes, such as feet, as well as the lack of needing to “shoe horn” content into a generic common ground which was an issue when adapting to the old Genesis format, DAZ 3D expressed confidence that users will find the “auto fit” process of Genesis content to the Genesis 2 figures far superior to what they have seen in the past.
  •     Software support: By far the two industry leading software products for leveraging the DAZ 3D models are DAZ Studio (which can be downloaded for free at http://www.daz3d.com/daz-studio-4-pro/) and POSER. Which ever of these you prefer, Genesis 2 will work just fine. Victoria 6 and any Genesis or Genesis 2 figure will simply drop right into DAZ Studio seamlessly, or can be easily imported into POSER using the DAZ DSON import utility available from http://www.daz3d.com/dson-importer-for-poser

“With Genesis 2 as our new foundation,” explains Brian Howell, Director of Product Development at DAZ-3D, “as well as some incredible advancements in DAZ Studio we’re seeing images produced with Victoria 6 that you would swear are photo shoots. Victoria 6 is more articulate, feminine, and detailed than ever before. The improved weight mapping and sub-surface lighting combined with the increased model fidelity and articulation has produced amazing results. When I first saw them I was stunned, and I think the public will be too.”

Pricing and availability:

Victoria 6 is available now and priced at $49.95. It can be purchased at http://www.daz3d.com. Accompanying bundles of clothing, hair, and other add-ons are also available in the DAZ 3D store at http://www.daz3d.com/.

About Genesis 2:

Genesis 2 provides artists with all of the incredible power of Genesis and DAZ Studio, starting with Tri-ax weight mapping, the ultimate per-axis weight map control for each joint; improved load and active frame-rate speeds (fps) with sub-d, single-skin 3D meshes; flexible shape blending; multiple UV layouts; and extensible parameters. Then add to that, Sub Surface Shaders, distinct male and female base forms, improved weight mapping and articulation, and a significant polygon jump over other models out there. All of this simply means that DAZ 3D's latest figures are the most realistic and versatile ever produced. Every joint bends better, and every skin detail is more precise. Both proportions and mass of the figure can be altered in a variety of ways without ever losing the superior bending and detail within the mesh. For additional information regarding Genesis 2, and to get DAZ Studio for free, along with the Genesis 2 base character visit: http://www.daz3d.com.

About DAZ 3D:

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, DAZ 3D is the leading publisher of personalized 3D digital characters, software and accessories for creative professionals and 3D enthusiasts. Known for its large catalog of inter-operable and versatile 3D models and accessories, DAZ 3D is a growing technology company focused on developing next-generation 3D models and supporting tools. Founded in 2000, DAZ 3D provides a central solution to create, customize and share professional quality digital creations. More information on the company, its 3D catalog and tools, and the Genesis 2 series is available online at http://www.daz3d.com.

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