New Divorce Resolution Concept, Divorce Resort, Takes off in 2013

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Divorce, the ending to more than half of all marriages, isn’t something that anyone hopes for themselves—but it’s a reality for many. Separated couples everywhere owe it to themselves to try a more civil, alternative divorce approach in 2013.

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It's the beginning of a new era. Divorce no longer needs to have the stigma of intense conflict, draining of bank accounts, and children stuck in the middle; it's time for a fresh approach that is civil, peaceful and customized for individual families. Divorce Resort, the new concept from Weinman and Associates, strives to reduce the stress, anxiety and level of conflict for divorcing couples in 2013.

While the joy and celebration of the holiday season fill today’s landscape, the harsh reality is that the number of separations and filings for divorce will peak between January and March. Preparing for divorce, both emotionally and financially is very difficult,, but Divorce Resort makes this painful process much more bearable. With a structured timeline that ensures that the couple will have all divorce issues resolved after a three-day weekend for a flat fee, including custody, property division and support issues, much of the stress, fears and anxiety generally associated with the divorce process are alleviated – and best of all, this takes place in the relaxed atmosphere of a four-star resort without the parties ever having to see or speak with their soon-to-be ex-spouse face-to-face.

This creative new solution saves money, time and aggravation—especially for those with significant issues and complex assets. Traditionally, hashing out divorce issues can take months or even years, with much of the money going toward expensive lawyer fees. The Divorce Resort process doesn’t allow this to happen. The timeline to finalize all issues is set by the parties, and if there are any issues left unresolved after two days of mediating, the mediator becomes the arbitrator and arbitrates the remaining issues so couples can be assured that by the end of their three-day weekend, all divorce issues are resolved. Plus, all solutions resolved through this process are custom-tailored to fit the individual families’ unique circumstances.

An approach like this is invaluable for those with significant assets that have built up over a long period of time, such as with couples over the age of 50 who have been married more than 20 years. “This process is ideal for such couples”, says attorney Daryl Weinman, creator of Divorce Resort, because recent studies by sociologists at Bowling Green State University show that the divorce rate among adults age 50 and older has doubled between 1990 and 2010.

Additionally, the Divorce Resort process allows couples to remain on much friendlier terms post- divorce than those who go through the traditional process with two adversarial attorneys. This is invaluable for couples who have children together, whether those children are under the age of 18 or fully grown, since their lives will continue to be intertwined through children and grand-children for the rest of their lives.
“When faced with the reality of divorce, taking a new approach to reduce the amount conflict involved in the process will reduce the amount of stress and anxiety of all of the family members involved. Plus it will keep more of the family’s hard-earned assets in the pockets of the family, rather than in the pockets of their adversarial attorneys. A 2013 resolution to end a marriage amicably, privately, and with dignity will be the best gift a couple can give themselves and their family this holiday season,” added Weinman.

About Divorce Resort:
The Divorce Resort process is a revolutionary new concept by the law firm Weinman & Associates. This fresh approach to resolving major family law issues focuses on providing a reduced-stress and dignified way to finalize a divorce and move forward with life. Available to anyone in the U.S., the Divorce Resort process offers an innovative approach to a difficult and emotional transition.

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