Docusearch Announces Plans to Offer Thousands of Resources for Bank Account Searches

Docusearch announces plans to offer a directory containing thousands of resources for finding bank accounts as part of a strategy for expanding its Hidden Assets search services. The directory will be filtered by State allowing users to narrow their searching and find free and premium websites that offer bank account lookups.

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The world of business is not always take, take, take. Giving back to our online community will eventually lead to more loyal customers and drive additional traffic.

(PRWEB) April 16, 2013

The Forbes favorite and highly trusted private investigation company, Docusearch, announced plans for expanding its Hidden Assets Bank Account Search with a State filtered directory offering free and premium website listings related to the service. The investigation company explained that offering free resources in addition to its paid services will provide a wider range of options for their existing customers and increase credibility with new visitors. When asked about the free directory and if there were any concerns with losing sales, a Docusearch representative noted:

"We don't have any concerns about losing sales because we believe in our company, services, and what we can offer to our customers. The world of business is not always take, take, take. Giving back to our online community will eventually lead to more loyal customers and drive additional traffic. Sure we might lose a sale here and there to a free listing we offered on our website, however the good that comes from this new feature has much more weight. We're excited to launch this directory of free bank account resources and expect it to be a very helpful tool for our visitors. Our paid services might not be necessary for 100% of investigative searches people make, however we hope when it is necessary, they'll remember the honesty and integrity of our company and we'll be their top choice."

Docusearch plans to fully launch this new feature of their website within the next few weeks. The structure of the directory is expected to offer thousands of new pages with free listings specific to the users state. Other services Docusearch offers will also be included in the directory, all of which can be searched by location or record type.

Finding a Bank Account - Hidden Assets

Docusearch's Bank Account Search is common for divorcées, business ventures, lawsuits, and child support conflicts. The search identifies all bank accounts within the searchers state, bank name and address, account titles, account type, and the approximate account balance. This information is collected by providing the subject's full name, last known street address, social security number, and date of birth (if known). These search requirements are specific to the premium listings offered by Docusearch in their upcoming launch. Other free listings may require different search requirements depending on how the data is being obtained.

To find a bank account or for any questions about Docusearch or the upcoming launch of their free service directory, please visit


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