Protective Casings for Driveway Alarms – Exclusively From Absolute Automation Inc.

Absolute Automation Inc. has become a distributor for a line of protective casings. The casings are disguised as birdhouses which are designed to specifically house the following wireless driveway alarm systems: Dakota Alert DCMA-2500, the Optex RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 or the Rodann RXTX-2000A.

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Driveway Alarm Case

Birdhouse for Driveway Alarms

These birdhouses protect the sensors from all of that and will typically increase your driveway alarms life by several years.

Casco, MI (PRWEB) May 16, 2013

The bird houses have several benefits to new or existing driveway alarm owners; they can be used to disguise the outdoor sensor making it less appealing to would be thieves or vandals and the birdhouses help to blend the wireless driveway sensor into any existing landscaping. As Amy Campbell a member of the Absolute Automation sales team stated, “Many of our customers with shorter driveways, living in town etc. were looking for something which they could easily use to hide the driveway sensor but still have it functioning properly. It could be difficult to protect each of the sensor brands without blocking the infrared eyes on them, this birdhouse is perfect for that!”

Nathan McBride in the Technical Support department had a different, but equally optimistic take on the new birdhouses, “With all of these driveway alarm systems the indoor chimes tend to last forever, barring any damage from misuse, electrical surges etc. The outdoor units though do break down eventually. While they are weatherproof the combination of UV rays, snow, rain etc. on them over the years will eventually degrade the plastic to a point where moisture etc. can enter the sensor. These birdhouses protect the sensors from all of that and will typically increase your driveway alarms life by several years.”

The birdhouses are manufactured in Canada and come with all hardware required to assemble. They are pre cut and pre drilled with the appropriate mounting holes marked for each type of wireless driveway sensor.

Absolute Automation has been in business since 1995 and is a major North American distributor of Dakota Alert, Optex and Rodann driveway alarm systems.


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