Jupiter Support solves over 10,000 cases of malicious software posing as the FBI

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Remote solutions gain ground as they snuff out the rogue virus as soon as it enters the computer, says Jupiter Support

FBI Virus Removal by Jupiter Support

FBI Virus Removal by Jupiter Support

FBI Virus Ransomware rakes in millions as it sweeps across nation

The FBI MoneyPak Ransomware is a computer virus that jolts computer users with a mock alert conjured to be originating from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The virus locks a user’s computer alleging involvement with the distribution of pornographic material, spam and copyrighted content, stirring undue panic and agitation among the targeted.

FBI insignias flashed all over the phony warning message would normally rattle a person unfamiliar with the message behind the “your computer has been locked” warning. According to a December 5, 2012 news report published in the New York Times, the ransomware involves infecting a user’s computer with a virus that locks it. According to the report, this $5 million scheme threatens to unlock your computer once a fee of about $100-200 is paid. “Computer users are told that the only way to get their machines back is to pay a steep fine.”

Jupiter Support – an online tech support organization - has been strenuously attempting to reach out to users affected with this virus, in a bid to answer questions and help get rid of the menace, without the victim succumbing to any form of payment.

“Jupiter Support has to date helped more than 10,000 customers get rid of this virus. Our team is continually monitoring the web for variants of the virus and provides solution to new variants immediately, so that PCs are always protected,” said Neil Britto, CIO of Jupiter Support.
With news of the virus lurking since 2005, it comes as no surprise to the more informed, while there are a good number that are still unaware of its dangers. “The FBI MoneyPak Virus also known as the FBI Virus is famous for its scare tactics. It comes as no surprise to the acquainted, except that the word FBI can cause some flustered nerves to the unaccustomed,” he said.

“Technical updates and information freely available today has managed to obstruct the scourge of viruses today, more than it was able to in the past. Today’s computer users are acquainted and alert with the lurking threats of the internet, yet there are a good number that find themselves trapped in this ruse,” he added. “The FBI Virus is popularly contracted while browsing the web or through a malicious file,” said Britto.

Some of the latest variants of the FBI Virus are the FBI Virus Black Screen, FBI online Agent and the FBI Cybercrime Division. The success of a virus begets riskier programming. Malware authors will only keep editing its code for to fashion a more alarming and problematic virus.
Recent blog posts in reddit.com expressed a flood of views on why users believe a computer virus would thrive. One blogger wrote, “Computer security has, in fact, improved significantly over the years. Serious investments and understanding computer systems is necessary to discover, understand, and exploit the vulnerabilities used to propagate malware.” The blogger went on to say that the cost of writing a virus has risen dramatically in terms of both legal ramifications and the technological capabilities to attribute a piece of malware to its author. “With these two factors in mind, only those individuals or organizations with sufficient time, effort, and motivation are able to engineer advanced, effective malware.”

Remote technical solutions
Instant technical support has, however, become today’s solution to combat bigger and more dangerous viruses at unexpected intervals. ““Online tech support is one of the best ways to handle a virus situation at the earliest. This $50 billion industry thrives mainly because of immediate support for virus and malware support among everyday computer users,” said Britto.

With organizations striving to control demand, remote technology also encourages time saving as well as cost saving solutions with immediate customer response, although it can prove quite challenging. "These can sometimes pose a challenge to security concerns," Britto said. “As a direct result, a signed code of ethics confirms the importance for each and every remote analyst to work in an honest and professional manner.”

About Jupiter Support
Founded in 2010, Jupiter Support is known for trailblazing remote technical assistance, surrounding the more common as well as the some of the more sporadic issues faced by computer users like unwanted popups, viruses, spyware, printer problems, router issues and slow computers. With unlimited 24/7 access all year round, Jupiter Support is a global on-demand services company that provides extensive tech support for individuals and small businesses in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Its technicians have a proven track record to deliver composite technological facets to this ever-developing world of computer innovation, attesting the need for tech companies to seek assistance from Jupiter Support with an objective to improving customer satisfaction. For more information on Jupiter Support, visit http://www.jupitersupport.com.

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