New Hair Loss Product Provides Hair Regrowth for Men at Provillus

New hair loss product for men is now available online at This new maximum strength formula is one of the only FDA registered solutions now clinically proven to regrow lost hair to allow men with thinning or balding hair to restore their hair line.

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New Hair Loss Treatment | Hair Loss Cure
Men that suffer from hair loss can be depressed, irritable and have self-conscious feelings.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 06, 2013

Hair loss can happen to men of any age and one company has launched a new product to help provide immediate relief. A new spray formula has been launched strictly for men to use to regrow lost hair. The Provillus company is one of the only FDA registered companies now permitted to market topical solutions for hair regrowth. This new hair loss product is offered in a new maximum strength dosage for men with thinning or balding hair.

Men that suffer from hair loss can be depressed, irritable and have self-conscious feelings according to medical research. Medical solutions are available by board certified hair restoration doctors although these solutions can be expensive. A hair follicle replacement surgery is not typically covered by medical insurance.

One of the ways that the Provillus company is helping those with thinning or balding hair is by providing immediate results. One to three sprays each day on the problem area of the scalp can help stimulate new hair growth. It is this growth that can quickly turn into a fuller head of hair in men that follow the instructions for use.

Men that suffer from male pattern baldness, hormonal changes or other alopecia related conditions could benefit from exploring the results that can be achieved by using this FDA registered company formula. A complete guarantee of the usage and the results are offered for a three-month period. This time period provides men an easy way to sample a single or multi-dosage formula for hair regrowth.

About Provillus

The Provillus company was founded in 2002 and now offers one of the only topical solutions that is FDA registered to reverse hair loss in men. The multiple types of hair degeneration that men are susceptible to are covered in the new spray formula. This company offers alternatives aside from medical or laser surgeries to achieve clinically expected results. The easy to use application system that is marketed by Provillus offers men with thinning or rapidly balding hair a tested solution to stimulate new hair growth along the hair line.