^IfMine Offers Project-Based Learning Tools for the Educational Community

Online collaboration and mentorship platform ^IfMine.com provides educators a space to foster critical thinking as students develop their ideas and learn important lessons about iteration.

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Evolve It is one of ^IfMine’s most ambitious features. It can help users learn important lessons about iteration, trial and error, and problem solving.

Bowling Green, OH (PRWEB) March 26, 2013

^IfMine publicly launched its project management website at South by Southwest Interactive Festival, and plans to continue developing new features. The ^IfMine platform is an online incubator designed to grow ideas, facilitate constructive feedback, and nurture collaborative and mentoring relationships.

The site functions as a free and open cloud platform for project-based learning and crowdsourced mentorship. It offers tools for peer collaboration, as well as assessment and professional evaluation.

With Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the rise and class-sizes doubling, educators are struggling to scale project-based pedagogies to hundreds or thousands of students enrolled in a course. ^IfMine solves the problem by offering a space to develop ideas and discuss projects.

At IfMine.com, students create new projects and can seek mentorship or critical feedback by soliciting peers, institutional alumni or professionals in affiliated organizations. Meanwhile, teachers have the ability to follow along and receive instant notifications as ideas are developed and work improves. This structure creates a versatile system that can be utilized online or in face-to-face classrooms while building a portfolio of achievement or demonstrating critical thinking abilities.

"If MOOCs are ever going to succeed, there needs to be a system that focuses on mentorship with actual professionals. One that creates relationships among users around their projects and ideas. Forums and discussion boards just don’t cut it anymore," said Anthony Fontana, Lead Designer for ^IfMine.

At the beginning of a project, a title and synopsis are entered into the system. Adding tags and a cover photo help attract people to comment or mentor the project. Teachers may create specific tags that can be suggested to students, making it easy for the educator to follow a set of class projects by searching for a specific tag.

Group work is simple with the ability to add collaborators to a project. Team members can edit a title and description, add photographs or documents, as well as “Evolve It” to the next stage of development.

Evolve It is one of ^IfMine’s most ambitious features. It can help users learn important lessons about iteration, trial and error, and problem solving. By looking at each evolution, an educator can track a project from inception to a draft stage towards a final project, and evaluate how the student progressed along the way. As projects evolve, the data, documents, images or other files in each evolution stay with previous evolutions. Project creators and team members do not have to worry about losing any important work.

Educators, students over the age of 13, or anyone else interested in registering for the project management site can visit http://www.ifmine.com to sign up with a Facebook or email account.

About ^IfMine

Project management platform ^IfMine publicly launched in early March during the South by Southwest Interactive Festival and plans to continue developing new features, allowing collaborative and mentoring relationships to be more effective and successful.


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