Analytics and Data Science predictions for 2013: Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy (, one of the leading data science and analytics training providers, has brought together a panel of experts from around the globe to release the top predictions for 2013. From emergence of new big data technologies to integration in the MBA curriculum, analytics and data science is all set to witness an exciting year.

Bangalore, India (PRWEB) February 12, 2013

2013 promises to be an exciting year for Analytics and Data Science. A report published by Yesmail Interactive and Infogroup Targeting Solutions in January 2013 has shown that almost 70 percent of organizations plan to increase their investment in data marketing initiatives in 2013. Various other reports have suggested a strong demand for trained analytics professionals around the globe. Jigsaw Academy (, one of the leading data science and analytics training providers, has brought together a panel of experts from around the globe to release the top predictions for 2013.

These are the predictions made by Jigsaw's expert panel for the analytics and data science industry in 2013:

1.High growth for Big Data Technologies and Services

Organizations have realised it is imperative to effectively make use of their large data collections to harness relevant data and make optimised business decisions. As such big data technology and services are slated to grow exponentially. Though Hadoop and MapReduce may well continue to be the industry standard tool for big data processing, credible competitors like Berkeley Data Analytics Stack will emerge to gain a sizable share of the market. Cloud based services like Amazons EMR will become more popular and open up business intelligence and analytics to a whole new set of traditionally non analytical users.

2.R’s popularity on the rise

In 2013 data scientists will increasingly begin to migrate toward the open source analytical tool R. We will also see analytical tools that integrate Hadoop and R, gain popularity. In fact over the course of the year R could well approach SAS in terms of market share. Notably, in the Indian context more and more companies will adopt R, with small and mid size organisations leading the way.

3. Analysts will be called Data Scientists

As the analytics industry evolves so will the role and title of the business or data analyst. The term ‘Data scientist’ has already become wide spread in the US and the Indian analytics industry will be quick to follow. Data Scientists, as compared to traditional business analysts need to be inquisitive and have a keen business acumen. They no longer look at data from a single source but instead sift through all incoming data from multiple sources and discover a hidden insight that can influence their business favorably.

4. Analytics in the Indian retail industry will gather momentum

The Federal Government in India recently approved 51% FDI in multi brand retail. As such the Indian retail industry is slated to grow at an unprecedented rate. And as the organised and online retail ecosystem prepares for this growth, it will begin to invest in data collection, analysis, governance and maintenance. Analytics will be the new buzz in retail circles.

5. Data Science will become a crucial part of MBA curriculum

Given the huge demand for well trained data scientists, business schools across North America have begun to offer business analytics programs. We predict Indian B Schools too will soon integrate data science into their curriculum, giving their students an added edge at placements.

6. Web analytics in India will move beyond Google analytics and Omniture

In the web analytics department, as e-commerce takes off, many companies will want to leverage analytics as a competitive advantage. They will adopt more sophisticated programs that give them the edge they need to stay ahead. Only those that can embrace analytics within their culture will eventually succeed.

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