The Lap Band Center Now Offers Complimentry Consultation: Learn about the Benefits of Undergoing Lap Band Surgery

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Dr. Naim from The Lap band Center offers potential patients the pros of undergoing this form of weight loss surgery.

The Weight is Over. Choose LapBand®

The head of The Lap Band Center, Dr. Naim, is sharing with the public the many benefits of undergoing lap band or bariatric surgery. Now patients can benefit from the complimentary consultation that The Lap Band Center offers.

As an experienced doctor in the field of lap band surgery, Dr. Naim has seen numerous patients through this revolutionary weight loss surgery. Throughout his illustrious career, he has answered thousands of questions and written dozens of papers on what lap band surgery can do to benefit those who are severely overweight.

For starters, bariatric surgery is only recommended for those who are more than 30 pounds overweight. The procedure involves a small incision to be made, whereby a band is inserted around the top portion of the stomach to create a small pouch. Acting as the patient’s full stomach, this pouch offers patients a quicker feeling of satiety every time they eat something. Basically even with less food consumed, patients still have the feeling of being full, hence the rapid and guaranteed weight loss. According to Dr. Naim, there are several benefits to lap band surgery that patients should keep in mind.

1. Guaranteed Weight Loss

This FDA approved form of weight loss surgery is fully reversible and guarantees weight loss. Because of the nature of the surgery, patients will see results within several weeks and will continue losing weight consistently. As lap band surgery is fully reversible, patients can have the lap band removed once they have hit their desired weight. Although minimal maintenance is required to upkeep their new bodies, patients who have undergone lap band surgery are overjoyed with the quick results.

2.    Minimal Scarring

Unlike many other forms of surgery, lap band surgery causes minimal scarring. This is because the surgery is done through what is commonly known as ‘key hole surgery’, meaning that only a small incision is made when inserting and removing the lap band. This also means that patients who undergo lap band surgery face a shorter recovery time than other surgery patients, giving them the opportunity to enjoy their new life soon after surgery.

3.    Lowered Risk of Diseases

This mainly applies to obesity-related diseases. Patients who undergo lap band surgery are usually severely overweight and suffer from one or more obesity-related health problems. Amongst the common complaints are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease and heart attacks. Once patients lose the excess weight with the help of lap band surgery, they also lower the risk of suffering from or developing the aforementioned health problems.

4. Insurance Coverage

Because bariatric surgery is not classified as a form of cosmetic surgery, many insurance policies cover the cost of it. This gives many who cannot afford conventional weight loss surgery the chance to undergo lap band surgery without having to worry about the high costs. Patients are advised to consult their insurance carriers beforehand to discuss the terms and conditions before undergoing lap band surgery.

If potential patients have more questions regarding lap band surgery or lap band cost, they are urged to get in touch with The Lap Band Center to schedule an appointment with Dr. Naim or any one of the other highly recommended doctors on hand. Patients should call 1-800-472-4900 or visit for more contact information.

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