Almeda University Measures the Knowledge of Self-Directed Learners

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Almeda University aims to become a leader in alternative learning solutions after recently being accepted into the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO).

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Almeda University

The majority of Almeda graduates are self-directed learners.

Almeda University degree programs subscribe to the latest innovative theories proposed by popular educational reform pundits like Blake Boles (author and blogger) and his self–directed learners. Boles sees the importance of self-directed learners as the best students to fill the knowledge prerequisites for the ever changing global workplace that has outpaced the traditional college syllabus. Boles states in his book Better Than College:

"Instead of following someone else’s curriculum, self-directed learners begin by asking themselves what fascinates and drives them. Their journey begins—and ends—with self-knowledge. Instead of taking full-time classes, self-directed learners give themselves assignments that they find interesting, eye-opening, and challenging. They start businesses, find internships, travel the world, read and write about things that fascinate them, and work for organizations they admire. Many college students do these things too, but the difference is that self-directed learners don’t wait for anyone’s permission to begin learning."

According to Almeda University’s Director Richard Smith, their program is structured to endorse the self-directed learner concept. Almeda has been the pioneers and purveyors of innovative online educational offerings since 1997. The majority of Almeda graduates are self-directed learners. However, the obstacle for the self-directed learner has been - the learner’s educational accomplishments have not been measured and quantified to recognizable credential units equating to an associate, bachelors or masters degree. Smith says that degrees have become the proverbial yard stick that is recognized by prospective employers. Almeda University quantifies prior learning from diverse arenas and it does this with traditional degree measurements and with a permanent consolidated record of transcripts. These degree accomplishments are confirmed through thesis coursework that is customized by the student which is then evaluated by qualified, accredited professors.

Almeda’s degree methodology of Prior Learning Assessment principles gives credit to all previous educational teachers, authors, instructors, ministers, trainers and institutions that enabled the student to achieve advanced academic knowledge and aptitude. This acceptance of a student’s previous educational endeavors enables Almeda University to offer a degree program that is as dynamic as the self-directed learner. Almeda University uses Prior Learning Assessment as its knowledge requisite for achievement. It is gratifying that this idea is taking on momentum and is being evaluated with eager reception. Employers are now viewing these educational arenas of non matriculated graduates as an untapped resource for progressive, accomplished and qualified personnel.

Changes in attitude about life experience degrees and the self-directed learners may have emerged out of simple employer frustration. Employers simply cannot find qualified talent even from the recent college graduate pool. Educational and skill qualifications are becoming a moving target. Traditional colleges cannot revamp curriculum quick enough. A qualified education has a different meaning than it did five years ago. The self-directed learner often demonstrates the latest know-how knowledge or has proven to be adept and advanced at learning innovative concepts before they even evolve into an identifiable course or field of study.

Some colleges realize that they must offer more innovative and entrepreneurial courses that will fill the needs of the current job market. Traditional colleges have found themselves in a paradox. They need to employ the unconventional educated instructor to lead this course study. Richard Smith states even large regional colleges have been relying on Almeda University graduates to pilot these course offerings that have become a departure from their traditional academia. These instructors would never have attained their expert knowledge if they followed what Blake Boles has termed “someone else’s curriculum”.

Almeda University is a member of AERO - Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) and is pleased that AERO provides a public forum to educational reformers like Blake Boles whose methodologies in education closely parallel Almeda University’s degree program principles.

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