Maitreya Posts New Message on Religion and Understanding God

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Maitreya is viewed by many people as a spiritual figure, and yet he has some controversial things to say on humanity’s view of religion. Maitreya’s most recent message is in response to comments made at the Republican National Convention.

You put your religious leaders on pedestals, yet it is not about the person, it is about the deeds and the message; a person truly in God does not need endorsement.

Maitreya shares his reaction to recent comments at the Republican National Convention. Maitreya, also known as Buddha Maitreya or Mi Le Fo, is a spiritual energy who shares messages of love, compassion, wisdom and self-mastery. Learn more about Maitreya's teachings here.

“One of the American politicians made a comment that America needed to get back to being of God and not of government; how does anyone know what God wants? Until one can clear the ego from one’s energy and raise one’s vibration so that the Self part of you, the ego, is no longer able to control you, you will never know what God wants. God is not human, it does not have human ego or emotions, it has total compassion and understands why everything is as it is. The world has many different ways of approaching God; you have churches, chapels, mosques, and so many sects of your faith, what is the true faith? There is no true faith…” Read more on Maitreya’s Facebook Page.

Maitreya is often called the world teacher, and he brings his messages to the world in a variety of methods. His communication is possible because Maitreya is able to bring his energy through one of his channels, Margaret McElroy. Margaret McElroy has been working with the energy of Maitreya since 1992 and has channeled Maitreya at various events around the world.

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