Muscle Up Exercises Revealed in New Video From How to Muscle Up

Bodyweight expert Tyler Bramlett reveals a free program to show people to how perform a muscle up through a progression exercise program.

Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Performing the gymnastic move called the muscle up seems impossible to most people. It takes strength, balance and skill to be able to grab onto a pullup bar or pair of gymnastic rings and pull the body over to the top position. Today bodyweight training expert Tyler Bramlett announces in a new video a brand new website where he offers at no cost a comprehensive video and PDF download that will teach anyone how to do a muscle up.

Tyler launched the brand new how to do a muscle up website today, so people can have a go-to recourse that will lead its user to become able to perform a muscle up. His system covers 5 different exercises progressions that begin with simple beginner movements that most people can already do.

Tyler proclaims that the secret to success in the muscle up is having a series of movement progressions to follow so that someone will never get off course. When asked to describe what a movement progression is, Tyler said, “a movement progression is what gymnasts and elite athletes have been using to develop world class abilities.” He goes on to say, “think of it like a baby learning to walk, the goal is to stand and walk on their own but before they are able to do this they must first learn to roll, then crawl the stand and then finally walk. This is the exact method I use to teach people how to do a muscle up and I also use a movement progression to teach people how to do a handstand.”

Tyler Bramlett is a fitness and bodyweight training expert from Santa Cruz, CA. More information can be found about Tyler and his new website offering a comprehensive complimentary video and PDF download about how to do a muscle up by visiting