The Myth Behind Cloth Nappies Gets Dispelled with Darlings Downunder’s Educational Online Video Marketing Series

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Utilising the most effective strategies is an essential piece in any online marketer’s repertoire of tools. And the new tool of choice now is easily online video; which captures target audiences for both small businesses and multinational corporations. Australian ‘Darlings Down Under’, a small online retailer of reusable nappies (diapers), is using this new online video marketing method to educate audiences on how the once shunned cloth nappy is actually better for families, both financially and environmentally.

One of Australia's Leading Online Nappy Retailer

Darlings Downunder

It’s our choice to use cloth nappies over disposables, but not our children’s choice in terms of the world we leave them

In a world growing more concerned with ecological sustainability, it’s a small wonder the retail market is seeing more products in line with that trend. However, what has taken a few by surprise is the return of the reusable cloth nappy (diaper). Although it’s back in a new and improved format, getting the masses to view this spurned product in a new light may be a tough task.

Darlings Downunder, an Australian online retailer of reusable cloth nappies, has just launched a short online video marketing series on YouTube addressing people’s concerns about the re-emerging product. The videos, created by Melbourne Video Production, showcase the variety of nappies available, explain how they’ve improved, as well as how to use and wash them.

“When the disposable nappy came onto the market back in the 1950s,” says Fiona, co-owner of Darlings Downunder, “women of that era were thankful to be rid of having to wash cloth nappies, the disposable version saved them a lot of time.”

Fiona then explains, “With the major advances in technology, both in the design and materials of the reusable nappy, as well as the effectiveness of today’s washing machines, I’ve seen my customers’ concerns shift to wanting a nappy that’s more affordable and sustainable.”

In 2003, Fiona and her sister Catherine created
Darlings Downunder with the vision to educate people on the ease and benefits of using cloth nappies. Set firm in her beliefs, Fiona says, “After all, it’s our choice to use cloth nappies over disposables, but not our children’s choice in terms of the world we leave them.”

“Most people associate the reusable cloth nappy with a bye-gone era, they believe it’s outdated and no longer relevant,” comments Fiona, “it’s my duty to re-educate them on what the reusable nappy actually is, and why it’s the best option for everyone – clean, easy to use, cheap, and environmentally friendly.”

Eagerly taking up the task of how to inform the masses of her products, Fiona says, “The fastest and most economical way to spread this information was by way of an educational web video production series,” she continues, “we not only get to re-introduce the reusable cloth nappy in all its glory, but we can introduce our business as well.”

Melbourne Video Production made the creation of these online videos so easy,” remarks Fiona, “that we plan to create another series of them soon to extend the awareness around the globe.”

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About Darlings Down Under
Established in 2003, Darlings Downunder is one of the oldest and best known cloth nappy retailers in Australia. Run by sisters Fiona and Catherine, it remains a family owned and operated business, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Darlings Downunder’s ultimate mission is to help people understand the benefits of using the reusable cloth nappy. Those benefits being both economical and environmental.

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