Opium Addiction Treatment and Opium Drug Rehab Announced By Recovery Associates Treatment Center for Addiction

Opium Addiction Treatment and Rehab Announced by Recovery Associates, Offering Drug Treatment for Those Addicted to Opium and Heroin

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) May 18, 2013

Recovery Associates, through its multiple therapeutic tracks, is placing an emphasis upon opium addiction treatment, helping men and women break free from this harrowing, potent drug.

Opium addiction might not start out as full-blown addiction. Opium can be acquired through a doctor’s prescription for pain relief. Patients, though, can grow dependent upon the drug after the condition has healed, and be left with an entirely new set of problems to struggle with.

Opium addiction symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, paranoia, hallucinations, runny nose, red eyes, forgetfulness, anxiety, mood swings, and social isolation.

Yet there is hope, and it is opium addiction treatment at Recovery Associates, which helps to end opiate addiction and make live worth living again.

Recovery Associates is a drug and alcohol treatment center that provides a variety of programs and services for men, women and teens struggling with chemical dependency issues. At the core of their philosophy is the belief that addiction is a treatable illness. Their addiction treatment experience has shown that anyone is capable of achieving lasting recovery and physical, mental and spiritual freedom from the disease of addiction.

Their unique program offers three different tracks: a Traditional Track, an Expressive Therapies Track, Teen Rehab Track, and a Christian Rehab Track. They believe that by utilizing a variety of therapies they can better assist their clients in finding their own individualized path to recovery. Their focus is on the underlying issues that have led to the addictive behaviors and destructive patterns.

Recovery Associates’ multidisciplinary team is made up of a Board Certified Addictions Psychiatrist, Master’s Level Therapists and Certified Addictions Counselors. They are passionate about recovery and helping individuals and families begin the healing process.

For more information about Recovery Associates drug and alcohol treatment, call 800-392-3180 today or visit their website at http://recoveryassociates.com.