Power Factor Correction – Protects Valuable Equipment and Saves Tens of Thousands of Dollars

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National Energy Technologies announces new service that can correct a building's power supply factor and protect building systems. This equipment can reduce energy usage and eliminate expensive energy penalties.

Power Factor Correction

“This equipment will protect your infrastructure, and pay back quickly”.

National Energy Technologies, a Pennsylvania company, is announcing the addition of a new conservation service needed by building owners seeking to reduce energy bills. Power Factor Correction, has been the topic of much conversation and even more confusion now that energy conservation earns a more eager audience. Many companies are paying large power factor penalty charges, either without knowing or not knowing how to correct it. The conservative ROI for most installations is generally within 2 years and larger applications will perform even better. Scott Milne owner of National Energy Technologies explains why correcting power factor makes so much sense. “This equipment will protect your infrastructure, and pay back quickly”.

Why does power factor need correcting? The "dirty energy" coming from the grid is far too non-specific for facilities specific needs. The equipment affected most by this issue includes all inductive loads such as motors, pumps, and ballasts. Constant smaller electronic spikes and surges are inherent in raw grid energy and it will cause heat, and heat will eventually damage valuable equipment. This inefficiency is caused by a delay between when demand begins to move electrons through the circuit (voltage) and when they actually move (current). The ratio used to describe the amount of energy used, and not lost is called “Power Factor”. We find that corporate power factors often average about .75, meaning that 25% of the available energy is lost to inefficiency. Industrial facilities with larger inductive loads will often show even lower power factors unless corrected. Properly sourced, sized and located Power Conditioning Equipment will eliminate the wasted energy produced for inductive loads.

How will a company benefit by Power Conditioning? This patented and specially designed technology will bring many benefits; some of the most important surge and lightening protection remain unnoticed until needed. The more visible benefits include 5 to 15% savings on inductive loads and the elimination of any power factor penalty charges.
Users report more room on the distribution panel and reduced electrical equipment and circuit board replacement. Due to the reduction of damaging harmonic distortion motors and ballasts will not create as much heat, which can reduce air conditioning expenses.

How much can power factor correction save? Savings will depend on the amount and type of inductive loads within a facility and the existing power factor. The process requires a trained specialist to carefully inspect and analyze your facility and usage patterns to best determine how to bring your Power Factor to near 100%. Professional data logging is recommended for larger applications. After installation, inductive loads will consume electricity more efficiently and thus demand less energy. There will be reduction in both KWH as well as Power Factor Penalty Charges. National Energy Technologies is a direct distributer for the only power factor equipment capable of cycling the additional harmonics back into usable power. Many other systems do not.

Power companies are now charging for power factor imbalance or charging penalties if power factor ratios are below 85%.this is due to all of the unused surge energy is bouncing back to the supplier taking up valuable line bandwidth. Correcting power factor at the distribution panel can free up additional energy for building usage and benefit a building owner in multiple ways.

National Energy Technologies LLC has elevated the standard of excellence of Conservation Consulting Services by combining expertise in multiple utility reduction practices in a comprehensive yet holistic approach. We are a commercial facility conservation consultant specialist. Our firm will introduce, and consult on targeted technologies designed to maximize utility savings with the shortest ROI. These techniques will save from 5 to 25% on electricity, cooling, water, or fuel, by correcting inefficiencies in; indoor air cooling, large refrigeration, lighting, laundry, compressed air, water flow and many other resource depleting activities. Contact National Energy Technologies performs energy assessments, corporate energy consulting, public speaking, and can consult on demand response, deregulated energy contracts as well as ongoing energy modeling. NET technicians are efficiency specialists; and understand all aspects of large facility infrastructure.

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