Carlton’s Training Solutions Announces New Sexual Harassment Training Videos

Carlton’s Training Solutions announced a plan to launch more sexual harassment training videos this year. The programs released will be Sexual Harassment: Let’s Get Honest, and Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception & Prevention.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The slap to the fanny is now the uncomfortable embrace; hand on the shoulder or remark laden with a perverse request.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 05, 2012

Carlton’s Training Solutions represents some of the largest companies on the planet and they apparently require sexual harassment training videos. Each year there is a rise in lawsuits and payments for complaints equaled 100 million last year in the US alone. Sexual harassment training videos have aided companies in prevention and Carlton’s Training Solutions has brought new options in corporate media.

Sally Hamburg of Valero Energy states, “The slap to the fanny is now the uncomfortable embrace; hand on the shoulder or remark laden with a perverse request." What are the ramifications of this occurrence? Why does it still happen in this day and age? And finally, how does a company prevent this from happening?

Sexual Harassment: Let’s Get Honest doesn’t identify the problem as most harassment videos do. This corporate training video takes a very candid approach. We live in a sexually charged society. We go to work with people who may find us attractive or we may find them attractive. With marriages often starting in the workplace, how do employees know where the line is? In this refreshing program, there is a set of very mature guidelines for employees to self assess so this behavior does not occur.

Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception & Prevention is a two part series that explains what constitutes harassment in the workplace. Key elements in this program help employees define harassment, how to prevent it, how to be aware of it, and lastly the protocol for reporting it.

Carlton’s Training Solutions brought sexual harassment training to organizations to reduce the emotional and financial burdens it brings. Companies across the world deal with the devastating effects in morale and personnel. The videos that Carlton’s Training Solutions represents provide a safety net for corporations but moreover a safe haven for employees in those companies.

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