Spring Fashion & New Speed Fitness Device Collide to be a Huge Success

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"Killer Calves, a new innovative fitness device, is in high demand for its ability to give athletes great speed and high heel lovers great legs." - The Rollins Group

You build a Great Athlete starting from the calves up.

Fashionistas and athletes are seeking out the same fitness device called "Killer Calves". The home fitness device that is constructed to give athletes killer speed also is being used by high heel lovers to sculpt Killer Calves.

The new innovative products website, http://www.buykillerCalves.com is being over run with orders.The calf muscle is the foundation for speed which is coveted by all athletes and also the sweet spot of the leg, which women love to highlight with a great pair of heels.

"Calf muscles are the base of the legs.They provide stability, coordination, speed and agility to your body movements. Great athleticism will be even greater with well developed, strong calves." - Livestrong.com

The calf muscle is very important to all athletes, not only in making them faster but in lowering the percentage of injury to the ankles and knees, which are common injuries for athletes that don't strengthen their calves. When an athlete's foot lands, their ankle goes into dorsiflexion until their calves contract to stabilize the joint. When this occurs, the energy of impact is stored in the calf muscle and subsequently released via elastic recoil, resulting in propulsive force. Strengthening the calves prepare athletes for sprinting, jumping and quick lateral movements.

Killer Calves is an easy to use convenient home fitness product that has filled a niche in two large markets, which have both athletes and high heel lovers in a buying frenzy.

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