Spectrum Surgical Offers Large Balfour Retractor

Spectrum Surgical is pleased to extend its veterinary instrument line to a stainless steel Balfour Retractor.

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Veterinary Instrument, Balfour Retractor 7" Fenestrated

Balfour Retractor 7" Fenestrated

Stow, OH (PRWEB) March 30, 2013

Spectrum Surgical Instruments is pleased to offer their Large Balfour Retractor. The fenestrated design of Spectrum’s Balfour features a wide, 7-inch spread for optimal retraction and self-retaining retractor blades. The surgical retractor includes a removable and adjustable center blade. Spectrum’s Balfour is constructed of stainless steel and is backed by the company’s Middleline® Guarantee (Order #45-841).

For more veterinary instrument information, please contact a Spectrum Customer Care Representative at 800-444-5644.

About Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

Spectrum Surgical is always listening to its customers and incorporating their ideas for the future. Spectrum Veterinary Instruments has been providing a full line of veterinary surgical instruments since 1983. Spectrum is a leading provider of surgical instrument repair, sharpening and restoration. Spectrum Surgical provides surgical equipment to veterinary centers across the United States.

We have taken a leading role in the industry by providing free educational services about surgical instrument care. The goal is to educate those who come in contact with surgical instruments. Our commitment to quality has led us to increase our quality systems and improvement initiatives.