"Websites That Sell" Launches A New Wave Of Web Design & Development

After working for over 8 years in the trenches and getting results for some of Australia's biggest marketers, David Krauter has finally decided to opened the doors to the public for his "Websites That Sell" Service.

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The problem with too many Web Design Companies is that they don't understand marketing... I always make a point of telling my clients that I'm a marketer first… and then a tech geek second.

Brisbane, Queensland (PRWEB) March 26, 2013

David Krauter first cut his teeth on marketing over 8 years ago. Since then he's worked behind the scenes for some of Australia's biggest marketers like Mal Emery, Greg Milner and John Dwyer (the guy who convinced Seinfeld to come out of retirement and visit Australia to do a marketing campaign). After getting results for these players it was time David started applying his knowledge to his own clients businesses… so over the past few years David's been getting his personal clients great results by building marketing driven websites. And now at last… he's opening up his official service "Websites That Sell" to the general public.

Many business owners know they need to have a good website to cash in on the opportunities available online, however because of the lack of marketing knowledge most web design firms have, this leaves business owners with a mere brochure online as an excuse for a website.

As David explained:

"The problem with too many Web Design Companies is that they don't understand marketing and they don't understand how to apply simple salesmanship to the design and structure of a website. I always make a point of telling my clients that I'm a marketer first… and then a tech geek second."

Based on this philosophy of focusing on marketing first David has just launched his official website service and is opening the doors for business owners world wide to learn more about profiting from their website. The vision of the business is to help more business owners create websites that sell, rather than just a pretty brochure online.

Some of the big differences David's service offers compared to other companies is that they create websites that…

  • Focus on WOW design and salesmanship by design
  • Have integrated lead generation systems
  • Achieve strategic marketing objectives

These exact strategies have already helped hundreds of business owners turn their businesses around and start cashing in on the incredible opportunities available on the Internet.

So as part of the launch of this website, David has decided to offer a Website Check and Website Master plan for business owners interested in finding out how their website stacks up to the competition.

This website check will outline exactly where business owners may be missing out on potential profit opportunities online. Business owners who register will receive a website master plan created by David Krauter which outlines exactly how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Business owners interested in taking advantage of this launch offer can visit http://www.worldwebdynamics.com for more information.


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