Woodland Hills Dentist Dr. Kanani: New WaterLase© iPlus Machine Can Help Patients Overcome Dentist Phobia

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Many people say that they would rather speak to a crowd than visit the dentist, because of the pain involved. Woodland Hills dentist Dr. Kanani would like to help people change their perception of dentist visits with the new Biolase iPlus machine.

Flap-less and Drill-less dental implant procedure

Drill-Less dental implant

To overcome the bone loss issue, without performing a block bone graft, Dr. Kanani utilizes a drill-less implant technique

"Dentist phobia" is still listed as one of the top 5 fears that people have, besides the fear of heights and public speaking. The Huffington Post recently said that this phobia can be passed on from parent to child, citing a University of Madrid study on emotional transmission. Severe dentist phobia afflicts only 5%, said researchers from the Swedish University of Gothenburg, but great anxiety accompanies those who have major dental work done - such as implants. Researchers suggested mental games as a means of distraction, but a dentist in Woodland Hills would rather that patients have their minds changed by a good experience. Dr. Kaveh Kanani, a world renowned specialist in cosmetic dentistry, has just bought a new laser-driven WaterLase© iPlus machine that he says will revolutionize the experience of patients requiring implants.

Dental implants are one of Dr. Kanani's specialty areas, along with sedation procedures and Zoom! Normally, dental implant cost around $2,500 to $4,000 per tooth, and that's not to mention the recovery time after surgery is done. Tissue and bone grafting can be painful, long-term procedures that seem to take as long in recovery as hip replacements. The Mayo Clinic says the healing period "may last several months", and a new artificial tooth can take up to 9 months or longer from start to finish. Of course, this is a better option than having a gap, but Dr. Kanani Woodland Hills Dentist says that this doesn't have to be the only way.

"Drilling and filling the same old holes", as one dentist said about the WaterLase© iPlus, is no longer necessary. Instead, the machine uses laser technology to cut through problem areas without a drill, and so that dentists are no longer dependent on anesthesia for pain - because it's not necessary. The patented water-and-air combination can cut through tissue without risk of causing either illness or discomfort.

Drills cause heat and friction, both in the patients' teeth and other pain receptors. The heat can damage both soft and hard tissue, but a continual washing of water can prevent both heat and extra damage, allowing dentists to only address necessary areas. The WaterLase© is called an "all-tissue laser" because other water lasers are only able to address soft tissue, instead of bone, and some still cause heat issues.

WebMD says that between 10% to 20% of Americans would rather suffer from poor oral health than visit the dentist, out of fear. The top three listed fears that people experience would be unnecessary under the water laser: fear of pain, fear of injections, and fear of side effects from anesthesia. It might also reduce the necessity of studies done on implant pain, such as one done recently by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Having a major dental procedure accomplished without pain, or even post-operative swelling, would go a long way toward changing the face of dentistry, thinks Dr. Kanani. It's quite possible that up to 20% of suffering Americans would agree, even before looking at the nature of dental implant cost.

Dr. Kaveh Kanani dentist Woodland Hills was a biology graduate from CSU (California State University) that went on to New York University for his doctorate, and residency at Woodhall Hospital. After a series of Maxi courses, Dr. Kanani worked as an associate of southern California facilities such as the West Los Angeles Dental Health Institute and South Bay Dental. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), the only dental implant association recognized by the court system, awarded him an Associate Fellowship. He has been trained in several AAID MaxiCourses®, which can take up to 10 months to complete.

To learn more about this procedure and Dr. Kanani and how he has lowered dental implants cost, visit woodlandhillsdentalspa.com, or call (818) 962-1141 to consult with Dr. Kanani, and find out if dental implants are your best option.

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